Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aol Seed

Today I stumbled upon another way to make money. They have an application for iphone, blackberry, and android. What is it you may ask? Its called AOL seed. Its basically like many other free lancer sites that Ive ran into but this one is trying to change the way internet news is. They allow you to post photos on you phone and possibly get paid for it if they like what you have to offer. They also offer lots of assignments that you can post for making anywhere from $10-$50 a post. Check it out here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making money with an Iphone application.

Making money with an iPhone application.

After starting my quest for making money online and decided to look into applications I could download to make money with. At this time I have one in particular that is my favorite its called we reward. I slack on it but if I really sat and took the time to use the application I could potentially earn quite a bit. On some of the sites I use on a pc I am posting stuff constantly and reading others posts but on WeReward I did very little and in a few days (about 3) I earned what I earn on Gather in a month. If you have an iPhone I would recommend checking out this app HERE. OH!!! And I forgot to mention there is also a app for Android and Blackberry.

Making some extra money online.

Making some extra money online.

I started my quest back in November to make some money on the side. I thought at first it was going to be impossible to find a site that pays. I was already a member of Swagbucks but I hadn’t really used it much. It took me months but I finally cashed out for the $15 iTunes card. To get the iTunes card it was 1850 swag bucks. That took forever for me to get and I felt as if it just dragged on and on but with patients I finally made it.
So while using the Swagbucks search I found a site called Gather. I was Leary at first because I read online that you get points and then the points are cashed out for payment but when I first went to the site I could find nothing of the points program. I decided to go ahead and join and see what it was all about and I joined on November 1st of 2010.  By December 1st of 2010 I cashed out for $10 on PayPal and received it within the next few weeks.
For the month of November I cashed out for $10 on Gather and $5 in Amazon gift cards on Swagbucks. The month after that I stepped it up and earned $10 on gather and $10 on Swagbucks. The craziest thing about that is that I was using dial up internet for the month of December an still managed to make $20 total. I know what you are thinking its not much but I didn’t do much more with the internet than I already did and the best part was I got paid for it. If you want to join either sites the links are to the sign up page.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The tech and the vampire part 7... Coming soon

This one is a work in progress and will be posted here when its completed.

The Tech and the Vampire part 6

                                The Tech and the Vampire
                                                 Part Six.

Stefan was in his room looking out the window. How could he ever believe she would change her mind. Her love for him was non-existent and his love for her tore at him from the inside. He had believed himself to be over her but the visit had brought everything back to the surface. Even worse Damon was no where to be found. He was mist likely terrorizing the locals at a bar or his next tech victim. Stefan needed to get his mind off of her. He went into the night to find a distraction worth having.
Damon laughed as he watched his brother leave the house, his internal pain displayed clearly on his face. Once he was sure his brother had left Damon leaped from the tree that he had been sitting in. He walked to the house shaking his head at what he thought was foolish on his brothers part.
The Tech and the Vampire part 6

The Tech and the Vampire part 5

The Tech and the Vampire
     Part 5

Damon was pissed, how dare she turn him down and give up immortality for such scribblings. He saw her corvette in the drive and a wicked grin crossed his face.
The Tech and the Vampire part 5
She woke up early the next morning. On her sliding door there was a note from Damon saying that he had left her a present. She ran to the front door and peered out. She checked around the rest of the house but she saw nothing out of place. She laughed at herself. Damon knew it would put her in a frenzy just thinking something was off. " Well played Damon."
She decided to relax by the pool and work on her next book, but what she found was far from relaxing.
"Damon you son of a bitch." Her purple Corvette lay at the bottom of her pool.

The Tech and the Vampire Part 4

The Tech and the Vampire 
Part 4
The Tech and the Vampire Part 4She was about to go to bed when she heard a light knock. She looked up and saw Damon, standing there with his iconic sexy half smile. She pushed the sliding door open while staying out of reach. "what do you want Damon ?" she sounded annoyed to have Both brothers visit in one night. "let me in Lisa." Damon said leaning on the door frame looking at her like the Cheshire cat "Damon do you think I've forgotten how you are?" she said sitting down on her recliner. "One can try." he said looking at her. " I've come to offer you something." "What can you offer me Damon that I don't already have?" " Immortality." he said the word as if it was her salvation. She just looked at him face blank, she suddenly burst out laughing. "No thanks Damon. " she closed the door without another word and pulled the curtains closed.

The Tech and the Vampire Part 3

Stefan Salvatore and Elena GilbertThe Tech and the Vampire 
Part three.

She was standing on her balcony looking at the moon. She heard the sudden wind and felt a presence she hadn't felt in a very long time. Without turning she spoke. “Hello Stefan.” She looked at him eyes gleaming with a smile. “You look just as I remember, perfect.”
“It’s been 20 years since I saw you last Lisa, and I’m here to plead with you once more. Please stop writing about Damon and I.” He looked at her as if a day hadn’t gone by. “Stop? Why would I ever stop? The women of today eat up the made up stories of the Salvatore brothers. I’m making so much money I have not a care in the world. The money from the show alone has me set for life.” She said head tilted back in laughter. “Why stop you ask? Because you took the love I have you and gave it to a fictional character.” He said his pain reflecting in his voice. “You betrayed everything we had for money. Do you not regret losing our love?” “Love, what love? Once you told me what you were I realized I could never love someone who will forever stay young and beautiful. I saw a chance to make money and I took it."
He looked at her as if she had just staked him. “The answer is still no Stefan. Be gone already.” And with the dismissal she turned and walked inside. He watched her for a moment, one last look and he took to the skies. Damon watched his brother go and stepped smiling from the trees. " hello Lisa.........."

Part 4

The Tech and the Vampire Part 2

The Tech and the Vampire
Part two.

Damon walked past the couch with a smile on his face. "What did you do now Damon?" Stefan asked. "Why is it that every time I am happy I have to have done something wrong?" he asked annoyed. "Because I know you Damon." answered Stefan. "Ok I admit it. I killed another computer tech. I wouldn’t have had to if you hadn’t exposed us to Lisa smith." Damon said raising his voice. “I know Damon that was 22 years ago would you stop reminding me already?" Stefan asked head in his hands. "No ill never stop. I thought at one point I could but then they reprinted those blasted books bringing attention back to us, now a TV show to boot. It’s a never ending cycle. She asked if I had a brother named Stefan who was a vampire. I couldn’t have let her live. She looked love stuck when she saw me. I do feel bad though she was a hottie." Damon had started his rant yelling but had ended in a normal tone of voice. Now he stood head tilted in thought right eyebrow arched with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Damon would it kill you to just politely deny their questions?" Stefan asked his sorry reflecting in his voice. "No little brother I do what I do to cause you pain remind you to never do such a stupid thing again. Your self torture is just delightful to me. I despise those stories for making me look like a lost puppy hiding sadness and weakness behind destruction." Damon threw his drink against the wall and left the room. Stefan knew Damon would never let him forget his true Elena and how she had betrayed him.

The Tech and the Vampire part 1

The Tech and the Vampire
Part one

The day had been long, Ravyn Summers had been at work all night. she was bored out of her skull. just once she wished something interesting would happen.
Ravyn worked for HP as tech support, she had been there since she turned 18. She was beginning to feel as if the days were blending together. Her life revolved around her job as she had nothing else going on for her. She wished for love, but where she lived she was not excepted. She was what you would call a goth, and in her tiny town she was all alone.
while she was day dreaming a call came in making her jump. The customer was having issues with his computer connecting to his printer. His name? Damon Salvatore. At the sound of his voice saying his name her heart began to thud in her chest. She shook her head and tried to stop the thoughts already flying through her mind.
She began to assist him with his PC, but as she worked with him thoughts of the Vampire Diaries kept popping up. She fixed his PC and finally gave in. "You don't happen to have a brother named Stefan Salvatore who is a vampire do you?" She asked trying not to laugh. "Yes i do." He answered voice getting mysterious. Before she could say another word she heard a sound behind her. She turned and saw that all the papers in the room were moving as if a gale of wind had come into the room. She saw him with papers flying around him, his eyes a deep blue. She thought at that moment, as she felt her heart pound, that she had found her dark prince. Damon was at her side in an instant. she smiled and he reached his hands towards her face she prepared for a kiss and he swiftly snapped her neck. He was gone before she fell where her manager found her the next morning.

Wwdc 2020

Wwdc 2020

Ashley Williams was excited. Her boss had chosen her to represent the paper she worked for at the wwdc. When her boss asked her to cover the story of her beloved company she had tried to remain calm and aloof, but she could not help but crack a smile. She was a well known apple addict. So much so her home looked like an Apple museum.

funny iphone 4 launch story

Warning:this is completely made up.

It was hot outside and the sun had yet to rise. Nancy Rivers had been
camped outside of Best Buy all night. She was first in line and sat,
her butt numb, on the ground. Nancy looked behind her and saw that
some people had brought fold-up chairs. She wished she had thought of that, but she had been in such a hurry she hadn't thought of a lot of things. She leaned her head against the glass of the door and closed her eyes.

Part 3: Spite of Technology

Spite of Technology

Jake de la Vega had lost his best friend. He had been killed in a freak accident. Worst of all the only person that was there for him was his lover Isabella who had died exactly one week after Kevin.He had hopped Kevin had remained in the dark about his and Isabella’s relationship. He felt guilty for sleeping with his best friend’s girl. The guilt made him sick to his stomach. They had both been electrocuted and both times an iPhone had been found at the location of their death. Kevin’s phone was just doing as it was programmed to find him when he got a call and thus caused his death. The cops thought someone had been stalking Isabella and decided to strike when she was at her weakest point. And the IPhone had been planted as a cruel joke.400 people had died that day but because of the IPhone being there they believed Isabella had been the target.

Part 4 of the iphone story....Coming soon.

Ok, so my iPhone murder mystery part 4 is still being worked on as I am stuck on how to say something I want to say. Will be posted here when its done. 

Part 2: Sympathy of Technology

Sympathy of Technology

Isabella Atur was mourning the death of her boyfriend Kevin. He had died exactly one week ago and she still couldn't believe he was gone. The weather was perfect which made her sadder because he was not here to share it with her. Today was a day she should have called out but she needed the money. So she could not give into her melancholy.

Part 1 love of technology

Love of Technology

Somewhere in the world hidden is a magical computer screen that shows what the world could be. A world where AI has advanced way beyond what we know today. This is where our story begins.

Palm vs. iPhone :Jealousy of Technology.

    Jealousy of Technology

The iPhone hated to have new enemies and the palm pre plus was not any different. IPhone stalked the Pre as it went through the halls and struck when the Pre least expected. Tackling it to the ground the IPhone pulled out its SIM ejector tool and stabbed the Pre in the touchscreen till its light flickered and shut off. The IPhone flipped the Pre over and ripped out the battery and stalked off. As he headed to the cafeteria he heard a scream and a smile flickered across his face.

The tale of a Dominating call.

The tale of a Dominating call.

The day had started the same as any other, then the call came in. She seemed to be just another customer needing assistance with her computer; her tone was light and chipper as she explained her issue, but I would soon find out Ana Simmons was not what she seemed. She was trying to set up her email in Outlook and was having some issues. I asked her for the address and her tone became less chipper and more eerie as she answered, "" Her voice grew suddenly much more deeper as she told me her clients used this address to set up discreet meetings. I almost laughed when she said this. As time progressed without results on her email, the call dropped. When I called back, all I heard were screams for help with a menacing female laugh in the background. Suddenly, I heard the crack of a whip and with that I heard the click of the connection ending. I will never forget the day the dominatrix called and opened my eyes to what closed doors and phone lines hid on the other side.

DISCLAIMER: This story is completely made up and is not to be taken seriously.

Is this weird to you?

I know this guy hes the father to my friends kids. Well the other day he died of a heart attack. I went to his facebook after i found out to say R.I.P when i saw that he had just been playing farmville 15 hours before and all I could think about would be that i would hate that to be the last thing I saw before i died. Well after a few hours someone posted on his page letting everyone known what happened. I am assuming it was his current girlfriend posting this. But what bothers me the most is after the post was made that he had died there were immediately posts from farmville about crops and levels and adopting animals and all I could think about was the fact that he had just died and this person( whoever is logged in as him) was playing farmville. And each day since i still receive gifts and it just bothers me horribly  to the point i think of blocking the gifts from that page. Is this wrong of me?

As lost as the moon

For I am as lost as the moon in the day
and the sun in the night
without you guiding my path.
Your my guiding star and I wander lost without you
for you are my heart and my soul.
When time is lost and all is gone I'll still come back to
your arms.

Windows phone 7

I remember the day when all there was to  chose from was Blackberry and windows mobile. It was at this time I got my Blackjack 2. Iphone was out but it was the original Iphone it was popular but not that popular.At the time I preferred windows mobile.

Corporate America and Infectious disease

In Corporate America there are many secrets. Some are confidential and some aren't. What i write about is the items that shouldn't be confidential that effect those in the immediate area. Companies hide a lot of things from their employees but should they be made to make light on those that are health threatening?

Each day anyone around you could have something so contagious all you have to do is sit in a chair they sat in, or accidentally bump into them in the hall. Depending on your companies policy your boss may never let you know that you are in danger.

Now I'm not saying that it should be blow the situation up and cause panic but the company should, as soon as they know, have that person go get it taken care of and not come back until they have the issue dealt with. Then I believe a cleaning crew should then take care of disinfecting the area of contamination. A memo should be sent out to alert that there had been a situation and the symptoms that should be watched for and if they occur then to contact your manager immediately and go for medical treatment.

So my question to you is: Should companies be forced to tell its employees about health issues that can directly effect them, so that a small issue doesn't end up a big problem, or should they continue as some already do keeping secrets locked behind doors. And should the people be disciplined for taking off the time to not spread the sickness? I'm not talking about the everyday flu I'm taking about scabies swine flu and other highly contagious items.


Once upon a time there was a day when time stopped. Time stopped for one person that day, and the hours stopped ticking away Time became endless and meaningless For time was no longer as we see it but exist in another way. No more was there a worry about an end for time. No more was there the fear that suddenly all could fall away. For all was already gone. Life is now an empty void. Filled with darkness. A place to think of the life you lived. The life that is no more. Time never ending the pain relived over and over along with the happiness you once felt. Is there an escape from the thoughts running through your mind? Afraid not my friend. This is all that’s left after what we mortals call death. Death is not the end but merely the beginning to our thoughts. For eternity is a really long time.

Upon a grassy knoll.

Once upon a bright sunny day
I sat upon a grassy knoll.
upon this knoll did I realize
that love is the most important thing.
Love is what makes the world go round,
what makes the moon shine brightly.
I could not imagine a world without love,
although at times I felt loveless.
Life is filled with love in many forms,
and that form to me is you.

I'm glad I found you my love.
for you are my moon and stars.
My world revolves around you.
For me you are peace and happiness.
The time has come to end the day in my arms you shall lay.
we shall close our eyes together and we will travel to the end of the dream lands

Once upon this dreadful day

Once upon this dreadful day, I sat here and here I stay. Thoughts and worries spread through my brain, eating away my comfort. I worry too much I care to fast. This is what I learned in the past. I give too much I get little back. I follow my heart until I get knocked on my back. Pain is what I know and shall always show to the world above and below. Will my hearts song ever be answered; will my story ever be read? I’m beginning to think it never will. This is my hearts endless pain.

Never ending cold of eternity

I sit here in the never ending cold of eternity. Waiting for someone to come find me. Every time I think I find the light at the end of the tunnel I fall back into loneliness. Love is a dream that I can never grasp, always being snatched away at the last moment. I feel myself sinking into madness left to ponder behind the doors of my mind. Shall I ever find escape? Will I ever be rescued? True love of mine do you hear me calling? Come find me before I no longer exist in this Plain of existence.

never ending pain

I look out upon all the empty faces of the world. Trying to find the one, the one that is for me. I feel as if i'm walking blindly in that sea of people. Surrounded at all times by others but never truly part of the group. I feel as if my body is moving on accord of its own. I feel as if i’m watching from a distance a person not myself. Like a ghost floating at a distance not feeling, and yet I still feel the sting of rejection. Pain is me and the pain is never ending. I am giving up, all is done and I am ending.


while the rain begins to pour I stand here for evermore.
never ending pain is symbolized by the rain.
sadness is my constant companion
and loneliness is all I know.
the smile i show the world is false.
it holds no meaning to me. its my shield to block me from the questions that would arrise should people see inside.
will i ever find an escape for my pain
a release to drain away the rain from me. the down pour is never ending and i am constantly bending under the pressure that is life.
can love be the release i am looking for? or is it just another thing to add to the rain?


We are all running from something in life but we cannot let that hinder us from living. Do not hold back when you feel something for someone just because something you are running from in the present. What is life without the challenge if we do not risk. What can come from life when we are alone. LIFE is a big thing that we cant run away from, but instead must run and face it.

Could you imagine.......

Having to eat every 15 mins? I dont know how that would work with sleeping, but here is a girl that has to do this.

Page was removed

My stay at embassy suites in

So I was going to write this big review and I’ve decided against it. What I am going to do is tell you everything in a list and include pictures.

Making money with iphone

I started using this new app on iphone called we reward and in 2 hours I made $2.50 just by taking a picture of me with a bottle of Pepsi an boom im in business and I didn't even leave my house but I could make money next time I go out to eat.

If you would like to download the application go Here. Enjoy!

Update: As of 5/5/2012 I have earned $67.27

Saved some money while shopping

I went to go to Best Buy after watching Best Buy app for a few days and waiting for the store to open, (because of the holiday.) I finally was able to go to the store. The adobe video editing software went from the 59.99 to 100 so that was no longer in the budget.

New favorite website

I have found a website so funny I cant help but laugh while reading it

see what I mean?
Check out


My eyes are getting tired.
Tired from all the drama they see
The days are getting darker
The time getting longer
Can the balance be restored………………

Do you think the books or the movies are always better

I think it depends on the book/movie. I try to view each as its own as we all know movies tend to cut things out that were important in the book because of screen time limits. I don’t even try to do it any certain order. sometimes I watch the movie first some times the book. Many a time I have watched a movie and fallen in love with the characters and decided at that time to read the book. I don’t compare the two because trying to do so will drive you insane.

Cake for iphone addicts like me?

This cake is definitely for those of the tech at heart. I think I know what I want for my birthday.

Iphone tripod adaptor

I was on checking out the accessories and I saw one I wanted. THIS.I started to Order it before reading better and that's when I saw the price tag.
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