Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tech and the Vampire Part 4

The Tech and the Vampire 
Part 4
The Tech and the Vampire Part 4She was about to go to bed when she heard a light knock. She looked up and saw Damon, standing there with his iconic sexy half smile. She pushed the sliding door open while staying out of reach. "what do you want Damon ?" she sounded annoyed to have Both brothers visit in one night. "let me in Lisa." Damon said leaning on the door frame looking at her like the Cheshire cat "Damon do you think I've forgotten how you are?" she said sitting down on her recliner. "One can try." he said looking at her. " I've come to offer you something." "What can you offer me Damon that I don't already have?" " Immortality." he said the word as if it was her salvation. She just looked at him face blank, she suddenly burst out laughing. "No thanks Damon. " she closed the door without another word and pulled the curtains closed.

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