Friday, August 23, 2019

Huda emerald obsessions vs Colourpop just my luck

This video is of Huda emerald obsessions vs colourpop just my luck comparison. Wanted to see how these compare after getting them and decided to film it.

Huda emerald obsessions

Colourpop just my luck

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Beauty glazed Neptune vs huda sapphire obsessions |Comparison and swatches

This video I swatch and compare the Beauty glazed Neptune vs huda sapphire obsessions. I had the Neptune lying around for awhile wanting to do a video like this but just got the Huda for my birthday. So here’s our lovely is it a dupe video :).

Beauty glazed Neptune
Huda sapphire obsessions

Monday, August 19, 2019

Get ready with me | Concert GRWM

This is the look I did for the breaking Benjamin,skillet,under oath,fight the fury concert. Took forever to edit this down because it’s so long.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The beauty collection tag

Check out twisted glams video Questions: 1. How long have you been collecting makeup? 2. What kind of collection do you have? (Minimal, utilitarian, aesthetic, historical etc) 3. Are you a completionist? 4. How do you store/ organise your collection? 5. What is your favourite thing about your collection? 6. What is your least favourite thing/ something to improve your collection? 7. What is the biggest part of your collection? 8. What is the smallest part of your collection? 9. Do you have a holy grail in your collection? 10. Do you ever wish your collection was bigger/ smaller or is it complete? 11. How often do you declutter your collection? 12. Do you ever get envious seeing other peoples makeup collections? 13. Who on Youtube has the best makeup collection video? 14. What's some advice you would give to a future makeup collector?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


 1. Do you subscribe right away when you find a new channel/video? Or try a few videos first? 
 2. Does the “make sure you subscribe” mantra ever sway you to subscribe? 
 3. How many channels do you have the notification bell turned on for? 
 4. Do you watch every video from your subscription feed, or only your favorites? 
 5. How many channels do you never miss an upload for, no matter how busy you are? 
 6. What kind of commenter are you? 
 7. Do you skip ads or watch? 
 8. Do you speed up videos? 
 9. Do you click affiliate links or use affiliate codes? 
 10. What’s your preference when it comes to video length? Your sweet spot? 
 11. Do you thumbs up most videos? 
 12. Do you ever thumbs down a video? 
 13. Do you share other YTer's videos on your social media’s?
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