Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tech and the Vampire Part 3

Stefan Salvatore and Elena GilbertThe Tech and the Vampire 
Part three.

She was standing on her balcony looking at the moon. She heard the sudden wind and felt a presence she hadn't felt in a very long time. Without turning she spoke. “Hello Stefan.” She looked at him eyes gleaming with a smile. “You look just as I remember, perfect.”
“It’s been 20 years since I saw you last Lisa, and I’m here to plead with you once more. Please stop writing about Damon and I.” He looked at her as if a day hadn’t gone by. “Stop? Why would I ever stop? The women of today eat up the made up stories of the Salvatore brothers. I’m making so much money I have not a care in the world. The money from the show alone has me set for life.” She said head tilted back in laughter. “Why stop you ask? Because you took the love I have you and gave it to a fictional character.” He said his pain reflecting in his voice. “You betrayed everything we had for money. Do you not regret losing our love?” “Love, what love? Once you told me what you were I realized I could never love someone who will forever stay young and beautiful. I saw a chance to make money and I took it."
He looked at her as if she had just staked him. “The answer is still no Stefan. Be gone already.” And with the dismissal she turned and walked inside. He watched her for a moment, one last look and he took to the skies. Damon watched his brother go and stepped smiling from the trees. " hello Lisa.........."

Part 4

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