Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tech and the Vampire part 5

The Tech and the Vampire
     Part 5

Damon was pissed, how dare she turn him down and give up immortality for such scribblings. He saw her corvette in the drive and a wicked grin crossed his face.
The Tech and the Vampire part 5
She woke up early the next morning. On her sliding door there was a note from Damon saying that he had left her a present. She ran to the front door and peered out. She checked around the rest of the house but she saw nothing out of place. She laughed at herself. Damon knew it would put her in a frenzy just thinking something was off. " Well played Damon."
She decided to relax by the pool and work on her next book, but what she found was far from relaxing.
"Damon you son of a bitch." Her purple Corvette lay at the bottom of her pool.

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