Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tech and the Vampire part 6

                                The Tech and the Vampire
                                                 Part Six.

Stefan was in his room looking out the window. How could he ever believe she would change her mind. Her love for him was non-existent and his love for her tore at him from the inside. He had believed himself to be over her but the visit had brought everything back to the surface. Even worse Damon was no where to be found. He was mist likely terrorizing the locals at a bar or his next tech victim. Stefan needed to get his mind off of her. He went into the night to find a distraction worth having.
Damon laughed as he watched his brother leave the house, his internal pain displayed clearly on his face. Once he was sure his brother had left Damon leaped from the tree that he had been sitting in. He walked to the house shaking his head at what he thought was foolish on his brothers part.
The Tech and the Vampire part 6

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