Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tech and the Vampire part 1

The Tech and the Vampire
Part one

The day had been long, Ravyn Summers had been at work all night. she was bored out of her skull. just once she wished something interesting would happen.
Ravyn worked for HP as tech support, she had been there since she turned 18. She was beginning to feel as if the days were blending together. Her life revolved around her job as she had nothing else going on for her. She wished for love, but where she lived she was not excepted. She was what you would call a goth, and in her tiny town she was all alone.
while she was day dreaming a call came in making her jump. The customer was having issues with his computer connecting to his printer. His name? Damon Salvatore. At the sound of his voice saying his name her heart began to thud in her chest. She shook her head and tried to stop the thoughts already flying through her mind.
She began to assist him with his PC, but as she worked with him thoughts of the Vampire Diaries kept popping up. She fixed his PC and finally gave in. "You don't happen to have a brother named Stefan Salvatore who is a vampire do you?" She asked trying not to laugh. "Yes i do." He answered voice getting mysterious. Before she could say another word she heard a sound behind her. She turned and saw that all the papers in the room were moving as if a gale of wind had come into the room. She saw him with papers flying around him, his eyes a deep blue. She thought at that moment, as she felt her heart pound, that she had found her dark prince. Damon was at her side in an instant. she smiled and he reached his hands towards her face she prepared for a kiss and he swiftly snapped her neck. He was gone before she fell where her manager found her the next morning.

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