Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wwdc 2020

Wwdc 2020

Ashley Williams was excited. Her boss had chosen her to represent the paper she worked for at the wwdc. When her boss asked her to cover the story of her beloved company she had tried to remain calm and aloof, but she could not help but crack a smile. She was a well known apple addict. So much so her home looked like an Apple museum.

The date? Was June 24th, 2020. The weather was hot. The sun was beating down upon her head. Ashley wished she had an umbrella to deflect the sun. The line was long and she decided to take a picture to place into her story.

After waiting 2 hours in the California heat she was about to go in. she quickly hid her camera and stepped forward for a pat down. She hoped they had not noticed her hiding her camera. She was patted down and allowed in. being there was like reaching utopia. She itched to pull out her camera and take pictures, but she knew she would be tackled on the spot and dragged from the building.

She thought it was ironic that the CEO had ordered security to tighten up so much as he was the one that single handedly caused the leak of the iphone 4. Gray Powell took over the position 3 years ago. Steve jobs had died on April 1st, 2017. He had been in his office eating an apple while reading fml’s from the official fmylife app. While chewing he had read something he thought was hilarious and choked to death on the apple. When it was first released in the news people thought it was a bad April fool’s joke. In the end they finally realized it was true that jobs was really gone.

When it was announced that Gray would be taking Steve’s place everyone was shocked, but I think no one was more shocked then Gray himself. After that leak he figured he would never move up in the company, and had admitted so in interviews following his appointment to the position. She quieted her thoughts once the lights had dimmed and hurried to her seat for what she had been waiting all her life to begin.

It was late, and she was tired and ready to go home as she still had a long night ahead of her writing her article. She removed her camera from hiding. Ashley wondered down the road trying to find her car as she passed an alleyway she was grabbed from behind all she could see was the person was in costume. The camera light flashed and their picture was taken. They found her camera the next day when police looked at the picture they were shocked to see her with mouth open wide in a scream and someone behind her in an iphone costume.

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