Tuesday, January 11, 2011

funny iphone 4 launch story

Warning:this is completely made up.

It was hot outside and the sun had yet to rise. Nancy Rivers had been
camped outside of Best Buy all night. She was first in line and sat,
her butt numb, on the ground. Nancy looked behind her and saw that
some people had brought fold-up chairs. She wished she had thought of that, but she had been in such a hurry she hadn't thought of a lot of things. She leaned her head against the glass of the door and closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew, she heard a commotion and opened her eyes.
The sun was out and everyone had become rowdy. She heard clanking and clicking behind her. She leaped to her feet and turned. She saw that they were opening the door. She jumped with excitement and was suddenly pushed forward once the door was fully open. She had someone who was wielding a lawn chair who was incredibly strong,pushing her.
She tried to move faster but was being pushed this way and that. Nancy
heard a yell behind her and felt a blow to the back of her head. She
looked behind her as she stumbled and saw the brute that had hit her.
Her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed. When she went
down the people surged forward trampling her in the process. Thus her
life was ended by her fellow techaholics.

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