Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part 3: Spite of Technology

Spite of Technology

Jake de la Vega had lost his best friend. He had been killed in a freak accident. Worst of all the only person that was there for him was his lover Isabella who had died exactly one week after Kevin.He had hopped Kevin had remained in the dark about his and Isabella’s relationship. He felt guilty for sleeping with his best friend’s girl. The guilt made him sick to his stomach. They had both been electrocuted and both times an iPhone had been found at the location of their death. Kevin’s phone was just doing as it was programmed to find him when he got a call and thus caused his death. The cops thought someone had been stalking Isabella and decided to strike when she was at her weakest point. And the IPhone had been planted as a cruel joke.400 people had died that day but because of the IPhone being there they believed Isabella had been the target.

He had taken the last few days off from work. The days had been spent crying about both his betrayal of Kevin and the loss of both his friend and his lover. The nights were filled with cold sweats and nightmares. Today he decided he needed to get himself together so that he could deal with his loss better and go back to work as he was unable to take off any longer. He drove to a location where he, Isabella, and Kevin had spent a lot of their time together. He went to a boulder were they had held picnics together and sat with his legs hanging over the edge. He looked down upon the rolling hills of green and wondered at its beauty. A tear slid down his face as he thought of Isabella and her beautiful black hair lying in his arms with a smile on her face. At that moment a thought hit him and a sad smile slid across his face he had never in his whole life had he wanted to kill himself until now. He stood up and looked down. All he would have to do is jump and his body would be mangled by the rocks and trees below. An image of Isabella and Kevin flashed in his mind of them looking at them with stern faces shaking there heads no. "Your right I can’t do it. You guys would want me to live and be happy. Thank you my two closest friends." said Jake. He closed his eyes and tilted his face to the sun breathing in the scent of the cool air. He turned to go and slipped as a piece of boulder crumbled below him. His eyes grew wide as he thought once again of the ground below him and his life flashed before his eyes. He threw himself forward with all his strength and hit the ground with a thud. Panting he closed his eyes heart beating thunderously in his chest. He laid there until what felt like forever and his heart had slowed back down. He stood up and wiped the dirt from his clothes, and made his way back to his car. He drove home in silence.
He called in for Chinese as he didn’t feel like cooking. He ate his dinner in front of the TV watching the news until they began to talk about Isabella and all those that died at her job. He immediately turned off the TV put down his dinner on the table and started to weep. His life felt even emptier since the almost fall at the boulder he knew that they wouldn’t want him to feel this way but it couldn’t help it. In a fit of anger he threw the food across the room. "LET THE HOUSE CLEANER’S PICK IT UP! AT LEAST THEN THEY WILL have a reason for me to pay them!" he yelled fading into tears again. He dragged his aching body to the bath room and climbed into his warm tub and soaked himself until the pain was eased. He dried himself off and made his way to bed.
He was running through the woods trying to reach the spot where he was to meet Isabella. She was to be his lover for the first time as she had finally admitted her feelings for him. He came to a clearing where he saw her bathed in moon light, her dark hair flowing in the wind. She lifted her arms and said come. He ran to her and wrapped his arms around her kissing her on the lips and neck as he slowly laid her down to the ground.
Afterwards they laid in each others arms with a blanket over them. Suddenly they heard a noise in the trees and out walked Kevin. He yelled "How can you do this to me?" the question aimed at them both. Isabella pleaded with him that they did not want to hurt him, tears running down her porcelain skin. "There’s only one thing left to do....." said Kevin suddenly taking his eyes from the ground. Out he pulled a gun and pointed at Jake and pulled the trigger. Jake felt the impact and sat up straight in bed with beads of cold sweat dripping from his body. It had only been a dream, a mixture of the first time with Isabella and his worst nightmare of Kevin finding out. He raked his hands through his hair blowing all the air from his lungs trying to shake the death of himself in his dream. He went to his pool and he turned on his radio and turned up the volume with Disturbed blasting from the speakers. He slid himself into the water feeling the warmth sliding over him. He floated in the pool with his eyes closed trying to relax. Jake peaked from under his eye lids and saw something standing by the pool. His eyes snapped open and he saw an IPhone standing straight up with arms reaching outward in a driving stance with its power cord plugged into an extension cord. He screamed and tried to swim to the edge to climb out when the IPhone leaped into the pool electrocuting him. He sank to the bottom of the pool with eyes wide staring lifelessly and mouth open.
"Sir it’s me are you here?" said Delilah Fern. She heard music coming from the pool she decided to check on Jake to be sure he didn’t have anything special he need done today.. Her screams were covered by the pounding music. She ran crying through the house to find her co worker. "What’s wrong Delilah?” asked Rose Hipps. "HE'S DEAD!!!!" she screamed as she fell to the ground sobbing. Rose ran to the phone and dialed 911. The police arrived on the scene and saw an IPhone floating in the pool on a floaty with a cocktail umbrella attached to it.

Jake De La Vega: best friend of Kevin Jacobs and secret lover of Isabella.
Delilah Fern: Has been jake's house cleaner for 5 years.
Rose Hipps: Is new to working in the De La Vega household.

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