Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part 2: Sympathy of Technology

Sympathy of Technology

Isabella Atur was mourning the death of her boyfriend Kevin. He had died exactly one week ago and she still couldn't believe he was gone. The weather was perfect which made her sadder because he was not here to share it with her. Today was a day she should have called out but she needed the money. So she could not give into her melancholy.

She spent the day answering the phones trying to sound chipper but her calls continued to add to her already bad day. When lunch came she decided to skip it to take a nap in her car. She was dreaming of Kevin and their first date and how happy they were. Suddenly she saw him as she had found him in the tub with the iPhone, his eyes wide with fright. She woke up in a cold sweat crying. She wiped her eyes and tried to make it look like she had not been crying.
The cops had taken the phone as evidence but oddly enough the day after it was then stolen from the lab. She didn't understand why someone would risk their job for a non working device.
She went inside and hurried to the bathroom. She splashed her face with water and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Get a hold of your self Isabella.” she said to her self softly. She shook her head in disgust and headed back to her desk. She got a call as soon as she logged in. The customer was very upset yelling at her for something she didn't do. She had her head in her hands. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off. Panicked she stood up and looked around. She heard a strange sound and the sprinklers came on a section of the building at a time very quickly. Everyone screamed as the cold water hit them. A popping sound started as the computers began to spark. She looked where the sprinklers first came on and saw as people fell down in a wave like pattern. She began to hear a buzzing and she looked down and saw the water hit the power supply and then her thoughts were no more.
"I can't believe what happened here." Said the Firefighter to Chief Connor . “I know son such a horrible tragedy.” He replied. "Chief come here!" a voice yelled down the hall. He took off in a run. "What's wrong?” Chief Connor asked coming to a stop. "Look at this." Police Officer Johnson said. And there was an IPhone hanging on the fire alarm switch by its arms. "Toss it into a bag for evidence.” said Fire Chief Connor.

Part 3 Spite of Technology

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