Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part 1 love of technology

Love of Technology

Somewhere in the world hidden is a magical computer screen that shows what the world could be. A world where AI has advanced way beyond what we know today. This is where our story begins.
Kevin loved his iPhone carried it everywhere he went, he had it since the day it came out. It was the iPhone 32nd generation 64GB. Although it was just a phone it seemed to love him too. He had taught it an amazing trick that all his friends were envious of. When the phone received a message or a call it would hop up and track him down with arms outreached yelling answer me.

Well one day after a hard day of work he went to take a hot relaxing bath. Usually he would close the bathroom door but after a grueling day of work he forgot to do so.Sure enough his mother called and up hopped the phone from the kitchen counter and began its search for Kevin. The last thing he saw was his iPhone with arms reaching for him jumping into the tub.

So in the end he was killed by both his iPhone and his mother the two things he loved most.

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