Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My stay at embassy suites in Tulsa...review

So I was going to write this big review and I’ve decided against it. What I am going to do is tell you everything in a list and include pictures.

  • When I checked in I expected there to be a pool. At check in they didn’t say anything about there not being one. Discovered there was a group of BMX demons running around and destroying the place.Every time the pool was reopened within a few hours it was closed because of said demons pouring soap into the pool.
  • The first night was so loud that my friend who was doing the driving had to go sleep in the car to get any rest.
  • After complaining to manager they told us about the kids breaking the tread mill by shoving an exercise ball under it and then stealing it later when it had been removed.They gave us keys to a new room in apology for the noise.
  • The new room was louder than the first one, so we stayed where we were.
Now I don’t blame the hotel for these unruly demons and the mess they made but I do blame them for knowing that it was coming and not better preparing for the situation when the demons do the same thing every year for the last 5 years.

  • When we first got to the room the toilet wouldn't flush, but they sent someone immediately to fix it.
  • When we reserved the room it was supposed to have free WiFi. When we tried to use it how ever it was $10 a night. So we decided to suck it up and pay for it. Tried to update my iPhone software and had a 4 hour download. Waited 2 hours and then took a nap came back 2 hours later and was an error…..UGH!!!  same manager that gave us keys for a new room gave us free WiFi after hearing about all the issues we have had.

This was sitting outside our room from before we arrived til right before we left when it had to be pointed out to the cleaning staff to get them to clean it up.

  • Made to order breakfast was a little under cooked the first day. There were hundreds of people there for food so was very busy, Is lightly understandable (still not safe). Second day we were the only 3 there getting omelets. First time I went up he gave mine to my friend’s mom. Not only did he give mine to someone else and I theirs he also put onions in it. Second time saw something green in it that should not have been there to find the inside of the omelet to look like this:

(and no that’s not cheese).Definitely not cooked all the way and all of the omelets were like this even though asked that they be fully cooked. Soooo ruined my appetite.

  • Then while I was sleeping pre-check out my friend who has gotten less sleep than all of us goes to check out. She tells the lady at the desk all of the drama that happened during our stay and the lady asks here what she could do to make it better and she responds give me the night free that I slept in my car…… lady basically ignored that and kept talking. When my friend asked for a manager she said there wasn’t one available and that she could send her a email survey and to have a good day.

We got the text that the lady basically ignored the issues and I told them to meet me down stairs I was going to get a manager. My friend at this point hasn’t really slept much at all all weekend and were getting ready to drive another 9-11 hours home so she’s just done with the whole situation.
I went to the desk and asked for a manager.“ Their in a meeting right now can I have them call you?” No I need a manager now. She disappears behind a door that’s behind the counter and within about 5 mins we have a manager coming to talk to us. Everything that we have been through is explained to her and she says that she will take care of the whole stay and remove the charges from my friends card since we have already paid. We said ok and got in the car and headed home. So now we are waiting to see if those charges will be removed. Were giving them a few more days and then we are going to call.
On the way home we drove right into really bad rain so bad that you couldn’t see what was in front of you. We drove through that for the remainder of the trip and then we had to move our stuff from her car to our van and the kitty who was not to happy at getting wet.
By time I got home I was so tired I needed a vacation from the vacation. Even more so I know never to stay at embassy suites in Tulsa Oklahoma. Oh wait there’s more! I’ve learned to always, always no mater how nice it looks to read the reviews before staying at a hotel. Thanks embassy for making my first hotel stay a nightmare!!!

[The staff though was amazingly respectful until the exiting receptionist lady]

I stayed there the weekend after thanksgiving.

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