Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The tale of a Dominating call.

The tale of a Dominating call.

The day had started the same as any other, then the call came in. She seemed to be just another customer needing assistance with her computer; her tone was light and chipper as she explained her issue, but I would soon find out Ana Simmons was not what she seemed. She was trying to set up her email in Outlook and was having some issues. I asked her for the address and her tone became less chipper and more eerie as she answered, "mistress_pain@domdunge.org." Her voice grew suddenly much more deeper as she told me her clients used this address to set up discreet meetings. I almost laughed when she said this. As time progressed without results on her email, the call dropped. When I called back, all I heard were screams for help with a menacing female laugh in the background. Suddenly, I heard the crack of a whip and with that I heard the click of the connection ending. I will never forget the day the dominatrix called and opened my eyes to what closed doors and phone lines hid on the other side.

DISCLAIMER: This story is completely made up and is not to be taken seriously.

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