Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Windows phone 7

I remember the day when all there was to  chose from was Blackberry and windows mobile. It was at this time I got my Blackjack 2. Iphone was out but it was the original Iphone it was popular but not that popular.At the time I preferred windows mobile.

When the Iphone 3g came out the whole game changed everyone was using the iphone. Windows mobile started to fade and the war between Blackberry and Iphone begain. Jan of 2008 I gave in and left my aging Blackjack 2 windows 6 phone and got a Iphone 3g. I fell in love and became a total addict.

After I sold my iphone 3g in March of 2010 I felt lost I tried to use a basic phone (Samsung propel) it drove me crazy, the limited abilities I had with the device. So I switched back to my Blackjack 2 I used for a few days and then I saw the Motorola backflip. I wanted to try it so I went to best buy and picked one up. I had fun with the phone once I got used to the android OS as I had never used it before. I didn’t have the phone for long but while I did I enjoyed it and it got me through till the Iphone 4 was released.

I love the Iphone and it is my personal preference to use the Iphone. I do also enjoy the Blackberry 8300 that I also have because of the Blackberry messenger. Now I might like the Blackberry Torch better because it’s much faster and has more memory than my poor little 8300.

With windows phone 7 Microsoft it seems is trying to get back into the game, and it seems that they may just be able to do so. What do you think? Will windows 7 be successful or a flop?

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