Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corporate America and Infectious disease

In Corporate America there are many secrets. Some are confidential and some aren't. What i write about is the items that shouldn't be confidential that effect those in the immediate area. Companies hide a lot of things from their employees but should they be made to make light on those that are health threatening?

Each day anyone around you could have something so contagious all you have to do is sit in a chair they sat in, or accidentally bump into them in the hall. Depending on your companies policy your boss may never let you know that you are in danger.

Now I'm not saying that it should be blow the situation up and cause panic but the company should, as soon as they know, have that person go get it taken care of and not come back until they have the issue dealt with. Then I believe a cleaning crew should then take care of disinfecting the area of contamination. A memo should be sent out to alert that there had been a situation and the symptoms that should be watched for and if they occur then to contact your manager immediately and go for medical treatment.

So my question to you is: Should companies be forced to tell its employees about health issues that can directly effect them, so that a small issue doesn't end up a big problem, or should they continue as some already do keeping secrets locked behind doors. And should the people be disciplined for taking off the time to not spread the sickness? I'm not talking about the everyday flu I'm taking about scabies swine flu and other highly contagious items.

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