Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making some extra money online.

Making some extra money online.

I started my quest back in November to make some money on the side. I thought at first it was going to be impossible to find a site that pays. I was already a member of Swagbucks but I hadn’t really used it much. It took me months but I finally cashed out for the $15 iTunes card. To get the iTunes card it was 1850 swag bucks. That took forever for me to get and I felt as if it just dragged on and on but with patients I finally made it.
So while using the Swagbucks search I found a site called Gather. I was Leary at first because I read online that you get points and then the points are cashed out for payment but when I first went to the site I could find nothing of the points program. I decided to go ahead and join and see what it was all about and I joined on November 1st of 2010.  By December 1st of 2010 I cashed out for $10 on PayPal and received it within the next few weeks.
For the month of November I cashed out for $10 on Gather and $5 in Amazon gift cards on Swagbucks. The month after that I stepped it up and earned $10 on gather and $10 on Swagbucks. The craziest thing about that is that I was using dial up internet for the month of December an still managed to make $20 total. I know what you are thinking its not much but I didn’t do much more with the internet than I already did and the best part was I got paid for it. If you want to join either sites the links are to the sign up page.

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