Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion Review

Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion Review

 Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion Review

About the product:
Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion works on all skin types and for all ages. It features alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliates skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while evening skin tone and texture and unclogging pores. Alpha Hydrox treatment products release the glue-like bonds that hold dead skin cells to the skin's surface. This allows newer, healthy skin to come to the surface making skin look and feel softer,smoother and more radiant. It may tingle when you first start using it. This lets you know it is working. This is normal and only occurs the first few times. Alpha Hydrox Skin Care products are very affordable (the lotion is $11.99) and contains the highest percentage of AHA's available without a prescription. Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion will be shipped to you from our location in Denver, Colorado.
This age-defying lotion contains 10% alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, allowing the antioxidant vitamins and hydro-emollients to smooth, firm, and nourish the healthy skin that lies beneath. (6 oz.)

Spice Stack Giveaway

Want a new way to oraganize? Check out this Awesome giveaway! 
Who wants a chance to win this AMAZING product! 
Spice Stack Giveaway

This giveaway comes to you from the sponsor, YouCopia.
As well as hosted by Oh My Goodies Freebies. 

Review by Oh My Goodies Freebies can be seen
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One lucky winner will win the 
Chef's Edition Spice Stack by YouCopia

Contest is from Feb. 28th, 2013 - March 10th, 2013
To enter just do as the rafflecopter form requests.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Rules of the Sweepstakes are 
~> HERE <~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glade Expressions Product review.

Glade Expressions Product review.

This stuff smells amazing,creates a calming effect (at least to me),and is long lasting!

I love when the Vibrant bloom is sprayed as a small spray quickly fills the room with the beautiful scent. Its like walking through a meadow of wild flowers! I just cant get enough of it, and the idea about a refillable holder is even better.

All I can suggest is to go to the store and check it out! One of the smells is sure to grab you! I am however sad that I was not able to try the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit as it wasn't avalible in my local Walmart. I was looking forward to trying the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Oil Diffuser Start Kit and checked all locations in town and wasn't able to find one. I got lucky when it came to finding Vibrant Bloom as it was the last on the shelf (and that should tell you something!) So if your still using the sprays from the Dollar store (yes I did that too once) and head over to your local Walmart or Target and pick up one of this new collection!

I am a BzzAgent and received these products from  for review at no cost to me. I receive no monetary compensation for my open and unbiased review. The purpose of BzzAgents is to generate word of mouth sharing of information – both good and bad – about the products offered by both familiar and unfamiliar companies.

Blogiversary and My new hair

Blogiversary and My new hair .

Hey all Just checked the information on currently published posts and this is our 666 post! That number may may some of you uncomfortable but to me it make me giggle. It brings to mind the times when I was a cashier and someone would buy something else or remove something from their purchase to remove that total from the register. They always gave me a chuckle that a number would cause such a reaction because to me it is just a number, BUT this is a great milestone we are over half way to 700 post in 1 short year. Our blogiversary is next month

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whats in my bag: Eyeliner


Whats in my bag: Eyeliner

I am obsessed with eye liner I have tried so many kinds in the last year its amazing. My obsession started with Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Waterproof Eye Liner back in my days of selling avon. I learned a lot in the first few months of using that eye liner. I bought it in: green,blue,black,copper. I realized though it didn't last as long as I would like and would run and thus I began my search for the perfect eye liner.

Pencil Liner.

Rimmel London

Whats in my bag: Eyeliner

Strong sexy eyes continue to smoulder from the catwalks. Rimmel’s innovative formula gives you colour that hits you between the eyes.

I have this in #26 Noir. It's funny how I found this liner, I had noticed that most of the eye liners that I had used werent as dark as I was looking for so I asked someone that did their liner in the manner I wanted and asked what they used. Thats what led me to this liner. I then headed over to the Rimmel section at Walmart (which I never checked out before) and found this liner. I have been using it ever since but I have backup's for when I leave this at home or work.

Liquid Liner

I am still looking for a good black Liquid liner and I hope I find it soon. 

Will it be your product


Whats in my bag: Eyeliner

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in electric blue and purple velvet review

Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in electric blue and purple velvet review

Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Electric Blue 

and Purple Velvet review.

Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in electric blue and purple velvet review
Since discovering that we had an Ulta store now in my town I had been wanting to take a trip to the new Mecca of makeup. I was hoping that they would offer more affordable brands then that of Sephora our other Cosmetics store in town. So finally after wanting to go for weeks I had free time to go and was on that side of town. When I pulled up I took this picture. I know you might think thats lame but to me I was on a new and exciting journey.

When I walked in the building I loved the atmosphere, I was hit with a calming wave of warmth but coolness at the same time which was a wonderful reprieve from the cold outside. Everything is white including the shelves so I guess you could imagine me with the look of wonder and awe that those people get that wonder into the progressive commercials before they meet Flo (or at least in the old ones). Its like walking into beauty heaven, I just wanted to look at anything and everything (which I did isle by isle.)

Warning picture heavy

free Blogging event! Belly Dance Digs

OMG This company has some beautiful things! I want it all! check this out this is a great way to help reach new fans!

My dear bloggers, Visionary Bri is so happy to offer you this giveaway.

Our sponsor, Belly Dance Digs has offered our readers a $25 credit

toward any purchase in their store.

Offering hip scarves, skirts, wings, makeup and other dance supplies,

Belly Dance Digs has everything you need.

Whether you're a belly dancer or just dig the belly dance style,

Belly Dance Digs has it all, for you.

This one is the one they sent me, Visionary Bri.

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Dog tag art giveaway

Check out this new giveaway. Good luck and enter below!

You will never buy a plain circle again for your pet's ID tag after
you see this awesome website. Dog Tag Art has you covered. With over 50 cat tags
and 7,000 total tags you can have your own unique tag that matches
your dog or cat's breed or personality.

I picked the 'Bad Cat, Dead Bird for our cat, Pumpkin, since she is
always bringing in 'presents.'
Dog tag art giveaway

YumEarth gummybears Giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway being hosted by our friends over at Mom, are we there yet? I tried the lollipops and they were amazing! Good luck and enter below.

Okay, so Valentine's Day has past but that doesn't mean candy is behind us... Easter is next. In my family we have chocolate bunnies and other candies as well as decorating eggs and an egg hunt. I have discovered YumEarth Gummies are perfect for my family. They are made with organic fruit and are a lot healthier than regular gummy candies. Last time we had some my son told me, "Mom, these are the type that don't make my stomach hurt." I agree. I love YumEarth Gummies!
  YumEarth gummybears Giveaway!

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Bloggers: Kitchen Aid Event Signups

Free Blogger EVENT

See the details below! Please tell them I sent you!

Bloggers: Kitchen Aid Event Signups I am looking for bloggers to help me promote my Kitchen Aid Event (worth 399.99)….if you would like to help fill out the form. The giveaway will be Open to US Residents. You will have a free link of choice (either a Facebook or Twitter) with an announcement post. NO Google + I will send the HTML out on March 18th. Additional links $3. Host pages available for $12 (4 links and follow page). Co-Hosts available for $15 (5 Links, follow page and Blog’s Name on Banner) All money raised will go for the cost of the giveaway.
$25 blogger referral prize!! Taking 100 bloggers!!
Bloggers get a free link with announcement post or sidebar button. If you choose not to post announcement post sent $5 to We do verify announcement posts and/or side buttons, so please do not list your information unless you’ve really done the post. Additional links and Co-host spots available.

Mediterranean Snacks Giveaway

Check out this awesome snacks! They look so good! I wish I had some myself. Enter below and good luck!

I don't often find snacks that we all enjoy but when I do it is a goldmine. It makes things easier when we want to have a healthy snack between meals and I can have one thing out that the kids and I will like. I found The Mediterranean Snacks has come to the rescue, helping me feed my kids yummy and healthy treats. They have all-natural chips and crackers in amazing flavors. Great to snack on alone or add something like cheese, salsa, humus or guacamole. The possibilities are endless. Mediterranean Snacks Giveaway For those on special diets, they even have a few that are gluten-free. I honestly can't say which one is my favorite. Each one that we opened was delicious and full of flavor. Mediterranean Snacks Giveaway

HBL Haircare Giveaway

We all love our hair and love to pamper ourselves so I am proud to be able to bring you another HBL hair care giveaway! This one is from our friends over at Manic Mom of 2 Good luck and enter below.
HBL Haircare Giveaway
HBL Haircare was gracious enough to allow me to do a giveaway of their wonderful hydrating system. I am in love with it and I will definitely be purchasing more once I run out! It makes your hair feel so smooth and like the damage from heat and products was never there to begin with. I am so excited to allow one of my readers to take home one of their hydrating systems.
The system includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque. The shampoo is a great thick consistency, so you won't have to worry about losing half of it in your hand when you go to lather. The conditioner is also of the same quality. You can either leave it in while you use the masque or rinse it out first. The masque is gentle enough that it can be used on an every day basis. There are no harsh chemicals that are used and it is great for every day use for those of us, myself included, that expose our hair to heat and products every day!
You can read my full review of their system here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stella & Chewy's Pet coupon giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway that will let you buy some awesome food at a price that wont hurt your wallet! Your pet will thank you.

I'd never heard of freeze-dried pet food but have been looking for something healthy for my cats at a decent price. Since adopting Cheetah and Pumpkin the cost of cat food went from one cat to three and it is something that is a struggle. I want my cats to have healthy food but can't do anything 'gourmet' on a frugal-mom budget. So, I was excited when a friend told me about Stella& Chewy's. They offer freeze-dried food for cats (and dogs) that is a good price and very nutritious. Their food is so good that my cats opened the packages and ate some of it before I'd ever put it in their dish... that teaches me to leave it on my desk. Stella& Chewy's comes in three cage-free flavors. Chick, Chick Chicken, Tummy Ticklin' Turkey & Duck Duck Goose. You can also choose from three wild-caught flavors Heavenly Herring & Tuna, Sea-Licious Salmon & Cod and Yummy Lickin' Salmon & Chicken. Freeze-dried might be a foreign idea. I'd never heard of it. But it is actually very awesome. So, why freeze-dry? Stella & Chewy's has found it helps maintain the proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural enzymes. It locks in the nutritional value while still keeping the flavor.

Patrice Health and Home Essentials giveaway

Check out this new giveaway! $20 gift card! Have fun and good luck!

Review and Giveaway:  Patrice Party Carmel Coconut Coffee I was recently given the opportunity to try a gourmet coffee from Patrice Health & Home Essentials.  There were a few different flavors to choose from, and to be honest, I didn't want to pick just one!  After hearing the choices, I chose Carmel Coconut.  I'm glad I did, too. Patrice brought the coffee over to me, and before I even opened the bag I could smell the sweet carmel and coconut flavorings through the freshness seal.  This really got my taste buds excited.  I brewed a cup to try and as it was brewing my kitchen started to develop a beautiful aroma.  It was something similar to a bakery and coffee shop.  Needless to say, I couldn't wait to taste this tempting brew.   As someone who generally buys coffee with coupons, I am far from a "gourmet" connoisseur of coffee...but I do LOVE a good Cup of Joe, especially on a chilly morning. And I know what I don't like.  I don't like "muddy" or "Bitter" coffee.  Coffee seems to be one of my guilty pleasures, especially as I get older.  I love to try different creamers and blends so I was delighted to try this product.   After smelling the aroma of the coffee brewing, I couldn't help but to smell the coffee in my mug before taking my first taste.  It smelled wonderful...I could already taste the subtle sweetness.  Immediately I went for a real taste and my mouth savored each droplet.  I rolled my tongue over the top of my mouth and I savored the silky carmel coffee that lingered there.  I was in my kitchen, trying very hard to put my feelings into words for this review.  To be honest with you...I wanted more!  One of my other guilty pleasures is to use creamer in my coffee.  I had a non flavored creamer that I tried with it first.  Divine!  The creamer really seemed to enhance the once subtle coconut and carmel.  It was like the flavor intensified-and I liked it!  To be fair, and to further my experimentation's  I also tried this coffee with a fat free french vanilla creamer.  Oh my Goodness...this is something you have to try!  Again, the coconut and carmel flavored seemed to really pop with the creaminess of my "additive". I made a pot of this wonderful coffee over the weekend for my family and friends who happened to be visiting for a morning parade. I'll admit, I knew this would make the house smell wonderful, and it did!  Once they came in they asked what I was baking!  I laughed and told them it was this new coffee and that I had enough for everyone.  The 12 cups I had brewed were gone in no time at all!   They all agreed with me..this was delicious!  My husband who generally doesn't even like coconut said it was good-he had 2 mugs the morning of the parade!  I also don't make a "strong" pot of coffee.  I use a couple small scoops to make an entire pot of coffee.  I loved that this coffee didn't have a bitter taste and that it didn't leave you with "coffee breath" as we call it here.  It was rich, smooth, and oh so delightful. If you have a love for a good cup of coffee, I give this product 5 stars!  It's defiantly going to be a staple at Couponer's Corner.  I love it!  In fact, I can't wait to try the other flavors they have to offer.  Please take a minute to visit their site and see what I am talking about...but be warned-you're about to be tempted just as I was.  You won't regret it!  I'm going back for more!!! The great folks at Patrice Health & Home Essentials have offered to let me give away a full size bag of Carmel Coconut to one lucky fan.  This contest is open to the US, but Couponer's Corner cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.  Must be 18 years of age or older.       Disclosure Statement: Couponer's Corner was provided one package of this product to test and review.  Although we did receive a free product, our reviews are always honest and fair.  We volunteer this disclosure on our own will.  Couponer's Corner accepts no responsibility for mail delivery after the package leaves our hands.  If you would like to insure your package; you can do so-at your cost. .  a Rafflecopter giveaway 

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Enjoy professional hair care system Review

Enjoy professional hair care system Review
Since bleaching my hair I have had some issues with breakage, tangling, ect. So I was very excited at getting the chance to try this out! 

I received:

Enjoy professional hair care system ReviewIts been a month now since I started to use the Enjoy hair care products and I have noticed some big changes in my hair. It feels and looks softer and frizzes less. I wash my hair every other day because if I did every day I would have an afro and even with that my hair still smells like the Enjoy! The day after washing my hair if I take it down the smell hits me and its so pleasant. The smell is like a mixture of coconut and honey to me. Its very thick and creamy and doesn't take much to cover even my long hair. Its so thick that I sometimes have to beat the bottle against the wall because I'm impatient and it takes time to get it out of the bottle.

Friday, February 15, 2013 review Womens 63 Deluxe Black Velvet w/ Purple Satin Adult Cape review Womens 63 Deluxe Black Velvet w/ Purple Satin Adult Cape
I recently was given the chance to work with birthday in a box. They have a wide selection of products from party supplies to costumes, they have just about everything you could ever need no matter the occasion. It was so hard to pick an item from the selection! review Womens 63 Deluxe Black Velvet w/ Purple Satin Adult Cape review Womens 63 Deluxe Black Velvet w/ Purple Satin Adult Cape

 I love capes and I have one since High school and its nearing retirement age. The pictures above were taken in either 2006 or 2007 by friends. 

I was going through the Women’s party costumes When I stumbled upon a cape! Then I searched for capes using the search box and I can say I spent some time deciding which cape to go with! After much thought  I selected the Womens 63 Deluxe Black Velvet w/ Purple Satin Adult Cape. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The zombie generation: a book review

The zombie generation: a book review

The zombie generation: a book review
Spoiler alert!!!!

I recently got to review this book by Drake Vaughn. I have lately been on a zombie kick but so it seems has the rest of the world. With Walking Dead starting back up and Warm Bodies being in theaters they just seem to be everywhere. I recently read what Zombies Fear before starting this book and when I saw this I was very excited to get a chance to read it. 

About the book:

The Zombie Generation [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

Publication Date: April 7, 2012

Warner is the sole survivor of a deathscape dominated by hordes of the undead. Years of isolation and lack of any human contact has driven him to the brink of insanity. Plagued with vivid hallucinations and shocking nightmares, he scours the deadlands for any signs of life.

While discovering a temporary cure for his creeping mental illness, Warner is attacked and infected with the deadly disease. Switching between man and beast, he must decide on risking a desperate cure or attempting a suicidal quest to rescue a group of stranded survivors. Worse, these survivors may only be a figment of his crumbling sanity.

The Zombie Generation is a terrifying tale, perfect for fans of horror and the flesh guzzling undead.

About the Author
As a genre fiction writer, Drake focuses on offbeat thrillers and horror with a psychological bent. By bending traditional genres in unique ways, he transforms simple stories into his own crinkled vision. His tales appear deceptively simple, but turn into a wild ride into darkness. He lives in California with his wife and a black cat named Shadow.

Product Details
File Size: 561 KB

Print Length: 239 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1475216378

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

Publisher: Dead Orb Pres; 1 edition (April 7, 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


Text-to-Speech: Enabled

X-Ray: Not Enabled

Lending: Enabled

My thoughts

This book is very fast paced up until the half way point or at least it was for me. I sat down and read half of it  one day and didn't want to stop reading when I was torn away to do hously duties. After that I found it hard to find time to get back to reading so finally I loaded it to my iPad and read during lunch and breaks at work to finish the book.

This book came from a point of view of a office worker (like me) but only his responsibilities were to reboot the computers at night. Warner seems to be wanting something else, wanting to be free of his prison that is his job. In the begining of the book we find Warner in a already destroyed human world. He's found a item that he treasures just as much as the Buggers (Zombies) that item? Alcohol, apparently it drives the zombies mad just at the smallest hint of the scent. He's found what seems to be the last bottle in the world as all the others have been smashed open by the buggers. 

At first I wondered why he didn't seem to know much about the panic room that he was in as I didn't under stand the full situation until a few pages in. He then decides to drink some of the Nectar which sets off this crazy adventure. 

Skip a few chapters in (just because I don't want to give away too much) He's Infected and we have learned at he has already begun to lose his mind and have hallucinations from Little to no contact. So really leaves you to wonder if he is really infected with anything to begin with or if its just another infection from not properly caring for the cut. He begins to have blackouts believing he has changed  into a monster during these times. He's desperate to reach Pam back at the safe house and makes a long journey there.

Pam is his, well not sure what to call her... Girlfriend,Wife, significant other. She hasn't left the safe house since everything started but you don't know why. She pleads for a child as he says he is changing and as far as they know he is the last man on earth. He says no and begins to experiment on the buggers . The entire time of this book there is random flash backs that show how the whole thing started. Where he was and what he did in the days leading and the corruption of the government still trying to control what is known about the situation. During one of the experiments the bugger begins to talk to him, We find out this isn't the first time, and asks him about Pam he tells them there is no Pam and they cont to press and he finally says Pam is a doll. This caught me off guard and I thought he was just saying it to Protect her from the buggers interest but he rushes to her side to tell her he's sorry and she won't talk to him and he describes her as a doll. So it seems Pam is also a Fig and not real at all but he continues to think as if shes real. After a few days he hears her talking to him again and see's her as a real person once more but it seems its always nagging in the back of his mind that she is just a doll. He comes to his senses many times in the book about Pam but always it ends that he still wants to protect her and avenge her. 

He comes upon a living being in his travels to the Deadlands Which is where Warner's life turns for the even worse because of this new Girl and her secret agenda. Lets just say Warner finds himself in a world of pain, tricked, and robbed much like what they fear in Walking dead. In the end Warner does change and loses himself but we also find out what causes the change and how it all began.

The zombie generation: a book review

I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion all thoughts are my own.

Be My Valentine - for your man

Be My Valentine - for your man

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be my Valentine Gift guide: For your Nerd.

Be my Valentine Gift guide: For your Nerd.

Another great idea for that nerd in your life: video games! An Xbox Live Gold Account or Playstation Network cards vary in price from $20-50, depending on how long of a subscription you want or how many games you want to buy respectfully. Does your man have a Gamefly account? One good suggestion is to buy the game at the top of his list or one with a long waiting period. In no way should you attempt to buy him a game from a store unless you are VERY certain that it is one that he would really like.

Be my Valentine Gift guide: For your Nerd.

MANIC MAMA OF 2 1000 FB likes giveaway

Check out this giveaway from our friends over at  MANIC MAMA OF 2. Don't you love a good mystery?

MANIC MAMA OF 2 1000 FB likes giveaway
Thank you to all who have supported me in this first month that I have been taking my plunge into the blogging world. I had some great bloggers that helped to get me started and I would not want to name all of them right here! They are helping me with this giveaway and so as thanks to them, please follow them as you enter on the Rafflecopter below.
I will be giving one of my fans an amazing mystery box full of goodies! Due to that I will be shipping this myself, I have to limit this to the US only. As I progress, I am hoping to have even more giveaways that are sponsored y yours truly! This has been a blessing in disguise and I figure I will give you the back story to how I even got started in the first place, in case you were wondering.
I was once a follower myself. I entered and entered giveaways and wondered, what was life like as the bloggers that I was following? I was loving the stuff that they got and that they had the chance to try it and share their opinions with others. Sometimes they even got to hold giveaways for blog stalkers like me. Then one day, it hit me. I had won so many items that I was going to start my own blog and review them for every one else.
One thing led to another and I had 1,000 followers. Ahhhh! I was one of them, and I have enjoyed every minute this passed month sharing my tails, reviews, recipes, and giveaways with you all :)
Thanks so much for being just plain awesome....

Now get to entering 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Be my Valentine Gift guide Event

Sterling Silver "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry from giveaway

Hey all I Am excited to bring you this awesome flash giveaway. It is going to end at 12am on 2/13 as Always have fun and good luck!!!  Check out our review over  HERE.

Sterling Silver "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry

Sterling Silver "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry from giveaway

Item Listing 
Catalog ID:NS2AR
Metal Type : Sterling Silver
Locket Shape : Heart
Front : High Polish
Reverse: Matte Finish

Our exclusive high definition engraving has a 100% LIFE TIME GUARANTEE allowing for water contact.
Item can be engraved with message, names, dates or monogram.
Engraving doesn't delay your shipment.
Lockets all come with clear protective coverings for the photo on the inside.
You can add hair to your locket by removing the plastic inserts then inserting them back

3/4 inch x 3/4 inch
Locket Holds: 2 Photos
Shape: Heart
Chain sold separately

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be My Valentine- for Your Geeky Spouse

Be My Valentine- for Your Geeky Spouse

There has been much buzz lately in the LoaMT world about what to get our men for Valentine's Day. Most of the suggestions have been sex, ugly ties, and more sex. And while all that does have it's time and place (more on that later), I'd like to give a few tips on what to get our nerdy hubbys/wives on a sensible budget.

When we polled our male compadres on what men really want, several of them mentioned . If your not familiar with this store, it is a literal treasure trove of all things men LOVE.

Christmas before last I got my hubby a Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite ice cube tray from there. He loved it. This small $10 gift stole the show.
Be My Valentine- for Your Geeky Spouse
It's smaller than it looks. I suggest buying two.

This site has many genre specific items. Like Game of Thrones and coffee? There's a mug for that. Does he like Lord of the Rings. Well the hubby might be getting something a little special this year.

Be My Valentine- for Your Geeky Spouse

Be My Valentine- for Your Geeky Spouse

Emerson Creek Pottery giveaway

I love customization on anything, its just awesome. Here is your chance to win something and make it your own. Enter below and good luck.

I have wonderful pleasure of getting to tell you about this fantastic company called Emerson Creek Pottery. Even though I did receive a free product from them my opinions about them and the item are 100% my and is no way influenced by that at all. They are a USA based company makes really cute ceramic housewares. I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted to get from them. Their pottery ranges from baby stuff, home, kitchen and even pets too. They also let you choose a pattern too. What I like about them is that are all made right here in the United States and are so well crafted. The item that I ended up ultimately choosing from them was something that i new would get the most use here in my household. So I purchased Latte Mug. I love the color of it and how big it is (16oz), its made of clay, lead-free and safe to use. So the price for this cup is $18. The color that I chose from them is in their copper color. Copper Clay Latte Mug

Be My Valentine: For the Gothic Lady

Be My Valentine: For the Gothic LadyBe My Valentine: For the Gothic Lady

Is your lady into the darker things of life? Does she avoid sunlight? Then get her, her very own vamplet baby or Vampet. She will surely love it as much as I. Check out my review:  Vamplets Review Zombie Guinea Pig

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Be my Valentine gift guide: Rose & Lily Celebration with Bear

Be my Valentine gift guide: Rose & Lily Celebration with Bear

Be my Valentine guift guide: Rose & Lily Celebration with Bear 

I got the amazing chance to review flowers from from you flowers. They work with local florists in your area to provide you with wonderful flowers for any occasion and offer same day delivery. Now you remember I said not to have flowers delivered to place of work but these are perfect to have delivered to your loved ones front door.

Lilla Rose Review

Lilla Rose Review
Lilla Rose Review

I recently got the chance to work with Karen Moore over at Lilla Rose. She was awesome with helping me to make sure we picked the correct size of the Flexi Clip for my hair. Karen is very passionate about the business and I was excited when she said Anyone who has hair should at least try it once. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Be My Valentine gift guide: Bad idea t-shirts

Be My Valentine gift guide: Bad idea t-shirts

Be My Valentine gift guide: Bad idea t-shirts

I was recently able to review a shirt sent to me by Bad idea tshirts. They selected the shirt at random but it's perfect for me as its even safe to wear at work.

Mystery box 2 giveaway

No this isnt a duplicate! Here is your second chance to win a mystery box!!! Good luck.

Welcome to Frugal Washington Mommy 10K Facebook Fan Mystery Box Flash Giveaway!

Mystery box 2 giveaway

This is one of my favorite giveaways that I really enjoy putting together for my fans and I can't wait to see what you guys think!

Mystery box 1 giveaway!

My friend over at Frugal Washington Mommy reached 10k fans on Facebook recently and to celebrate she is running these awesome giveaways! So there are a few coming and I get to share them with you!! Good luck.

Welcome to Frugal Washington Mommy 10K Facebook Fan Mystery Box Flash Giveaway!

Mystery box 1 giveaway!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adding A New Member to the Family?

Adding A New Member to the Family?
My boyfriend and I recently decided we wanted to expand our family by one or two little furry beings.  We thought at first (well I thought at first) we would be getting a pair of rats to add to our family as I've had rats for most of my adult life and for the past few years I've missed having them around.  Boyfriend however has the usual aversion to them that most people do so I had to play this one carefully.  We went to the local pet store and I had him watch the sweet little rat babies tumble around with each other.  It looks like rat kung-fu.  So he decided maybe the rat thing might not be so bad after all and we decided to take some out and see which ones were the most comfortable being handled and which ones we liked the best.  And it was at this point that after touching one baby rat on the head with one index finger Boyfriend decides he's allergic to rats and says he's itching all over.  Now I'll admit I do get itchy if they scratch me but most people are like that.  So needless to say, we walked out of the pet store with me almost in tears with the realization that if I'm going to be with Boyfriend I'll never have rat babies again and my boyfriend feeling terrible for making me so sad.  

Now at this point in our story I'm still convinced that even though I have Todd Ellison (see previous posts) I NEED a small furry fluffy in my life.  Boyfriend suggested a ferret but they need a lot of floor (out of cage) play time and they get into lots of mischief so even if we separate the dog and ferret for playtime we when our back is turned we may not notice the ferret slip away and then we'd have a broken ferret.  They also need vetted just like dogs and cats which means yearly costly vaccinations that we were not prepared to take on. 

Next on Boyfriend's list was a Guinea Pig.  I was definitely not optimistic because every Guinea Pig I've ever seen has skittered away when I've tried to pet it much less pick it up.  How can you snuggle a Guinea Pig if they don't even like to be touched??  I agreed to check out some pet stores and see if we could find a Piggy that wasn't afraid of it's own shadow. 

The first place we checked was fresh out of Piggies and the second only had one Guinea Pig that was already full grown and wouldn't let anyone near him.  Now, he was super cute and all but I'm a realist and I know neither Boyfriend or I have the time to socialize an already grown up Piggy with bad manners so unfortunately that was a bust as well.

At this point I was ready to give up completely.  But as we were driving home, on a whim I decided to stop at one of the last pet stores in town.  And this kids, this is where I fell in LOVE!!!  We finally found a Piggy that wasn't all certifiable and he loved being held and petted and made all kinds of Piggy chirps and purrs.  Come to find out this little guy had a hard start in life.  One of his litter mates was stillborn and all the other litter mates picked on him because he was the runt and because he was blind in one eye.  Yes I said it BLIND IN ONE EYE.  That's why at two months of age he was so calm and gentile, he'd been socialized with people since birth because of all the vet visits and medication he had to take because of his birth defect. The lady at the pet store offered to sell him to me for less than half price if I would take him.  I have a feeling he wouldn't have lasted much longer there if I'd have left him.  Plus the thought of some greasy kid who is supposed to "learn responsibility" by getting a pet is going to be terrorizing him not realizing or understanding his special needs.  Needless to say, it was a done deal.

Now we had to get Gallifrey (Doctor Who fans will know where this name came from) or as Boyfriend likes to call him "Piggy Smalls" settled in.  We bought a HUGE cage and a desk to sit it on so the dog wouldn't be able to access the cage.  I had set up the cage first so Gallifrey could get settled in his new home and then we started putting together the desk.  This required some serious hammering because for $25.00 the screws don't always fit.  This is when we noticed out new baby was sound asleep not even two feet away from me hammering this desk together so loud I'm surprised I didn't wake the dead.  He didn't flinch, jump, freak out, nothing.  Oh crap, this rodent is half blind AND deaf.  And upon closer inspection that night he was covered in scabs on his back and rump area from where the other Pigs picked on him.  We took him to the vet the next day to make sure there weren't any other birth defects and to get some spray on antibiotics for his sores.

No other problems were found my my vet and the vet said he behaved better than most perfectly normal Piggy he sees in his practice.  I think the words he used were "I think you'll find that even though he can't hear and he's blind in one eye he's going to make an amazing fun little pet for the two of you".  He was definitely right about that.  The blind eye doesn't really affect him and because he can't hear we just have to make sure we don't sneak up on him.  He has to see us before we touch him or else its like someone coming up behind you and scaring the bageezus out of you.

He was really easy to litter train, just figure out where he poops and put the pan in that spot and then you only have to completely change the cage every week give or take a few days.  And I LOVE the little noises he makes!!!  Guinea Pigs are very vocal animals to begin with but Gallifrey is extra loud and vocal because he can't hear himself making the noises.  And he throws temper tantrums when you move his food bowl even  though you're just going to put more food in it.

I guess what I'm really trying to get at in this post is this, if you're thinking about bringing an animal into your family and you have that idea of what the perfect pet is going to look like or be like don't be so hasty to pass over the "special needs" animals.  Sometimes what you might think is special needs isn't special needs at all, its just special.  Like Gallifrey, I love him to pieces and the only special need he has is to put your hand in front of his face before you try to touch him in the cage because he can't hear you behind him.  Or like the three legged dog that's sitting in the shelter getting passed over again and again because hes such a good dog but he looks a little funny.  Trust me, that three legged dog or cat has learned to adapt by the time you run across them and they can run and play just like any other dog or cat.  They've just had a tough start in life and they're waiting on someone to give them a chance.   :)

Be my Valentine gift guide : Sterling Silver Valentine "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry review

Be my Valentine gift guide : Sterling Silver Valentine "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry review

Be my Valentine gift guide : Sterling Silver Valentine "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry review Sterling Silver Valentine "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry review 

I recently got the option to work with pictures on gold. I checked their site and they have this amazing selection of products that they offer. Don't let the name fool you though they work with more then just gold they also do silver. So if you are like me and prefer silver over gold don't fret they have something for you too!
Be my Valentine gift guide : Sterling Silver Valentine "Sweetheart" Heart Locket Jewelry review

Dali decals #giveaway

Heres another giveaway!!! Enter below and good luck.

So I recently had the chance to check out Dali Wall Decals. They offer so many different items from personalized saying, wall quotes, printed canvases and customizable cutouts. When I first heard about them I thought they were gonna be like the ones you see in the store. Let me be honest with you I was presently surprised on what they had to offer. I had a hard time picking out what I wanted to get from them.  Here is what I ultimately choose from them plus I got to choose the color that would work for what we needed it for. The only thing that I would have to say about them is that I dont really like the glossy print ones, simply because when you have them up if you take a picture around them then it gives off a glare. That being my own personal opinion though.
Dali decals #giveaway
The Pink Elephant one will be going into my daughters room, she is absolutely in love with elephants and I have always had a hard time finding one that she has wanted to put up in her room. So when I saw this one on their site I was so excited. The price is also really good to at only $19.00. With the Test Decals I will beputting some on my daughters dresser for her and the other I created a flower arrangement on my bedroom wall.
Here is what I ended up doing with  mine, just to let you know what can be done with them.
So for the flower arrangement I just arranged them on the wall and then cut out and painted a vase. I then hung the vase on the wall and painted white for the stems.
On my daughters dresser I put the flowers on each drawer and then labeled them so she she would know what went in which one.
For the Elephants what I did is I went to the local lumber store and purchased the wood and had them cut it down to the sizes that I wanted. I had to sand them down because they were rough around the edges. After doing that I painted them with a white latex paint. I then put the elephants on and made sure that all the air bubbles were gone. Next to last I attached the pink ribbon that I got from the Dollar store with a glue gun. Lastly I hung them up on her bedroom wall. This project was so much fun and so easy too. The total cost of the project was $6.50. If I was to purchase the elephants too then it would have been around $30.00 total.
If you would love to check them out here is a special offer for you:
5% off with no minimum purchase necessary. Just Visit their site and at check out enter " Speaks5off "

Dali Wall Decals are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your apartment, home, office, and more!

Dali decals #giveaway
We have hundreds of stock-designed wall decals that can be made in over 80 different colors to match just about any decor. Any of our stock-designed wall decals can be custom sized to suit your needs. We can also create custom wall decals!

Why purchase wall decals from Dali Wall Decals?

Instantly transform any room with a unique wall decal customized and made to order just for you! Wall decals are quicker, easier, and less expensive than painting. Our wall decals look painted on once installed. Plus, you can remove our wall decals at any time! We include step-by-step instructions and an application squeegee with every wall decal order. Our representatives are available around the clock via phone and/or email to help you with any questions you might have on custom wall decals or installing your wall decal. Wall decals are easy to install on just about any wall, smooth or textured, and are easily removable without damaging the wall. Our wall decals are removable, but not reusable. Our wall decals can also be applied to glass, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even on vehicles! We only use the best quality material available to create our wall decals!
Winner must be 18 or over. Winner will be notified via email provided and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Facebook and all other social media outlets are in no way associated with this giveaway. Have Fun & Good luck.
Also helping bring this to is some other wonderful bloggers Life Of A Mad Typer Mom Are We There Yet  Save More Spend Less &  Frugal WashingtonMommy.
Here is a few ways that you can check out Dali Decals :  @DaliDecals
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