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Enjoy professional hair care system Review

Enjoy professional hair care system Review
Since bleaching my hair I have had some issues with breakage, tangling, ect. So I was very excited at getting the chance to try this out! 

I received:

Enjoy professional hair care system ReviewIts been a month now since I started to use the Enjoy hair care products and I have noticed some big changes in my hair. It feels and looks softer and frizzes less. I wash my hair every other day because if I did every day I would have an afro and even with that my hair still smells like the Enjoy! The day after washing my hair if I take it down the smell hits me and its so pleasant. The smell is like a mixture of coconut and honey to me. Its very thick and creamy and doesn't take much to cover even my long hair. Its so thick that I sometimes have to beat the bottle against the wall because I'm impatient and it takes time to get it out of the bottle.

Enjoy professional hair care system ReviewI just love my hair, I can't stop touching it, its smooth and silky and cool to the touch even when dry. When I am putting in the conditioner I brush it in with the Knot Genie which removes and conditions the knots at the same time. I have found myself running my fingers through my hair while the conditioner is in it and they never get caught. I've had to stop myself as I have almost made myself late to work by spending too much time on my hair. I've noticed less split ends over time which equals less frizz at the bottom which makes me extremely happy. Its like its repaired my hair and made it better then it was before the bleaching .

Enjoy professional hair care system Review

More about the products

Product Overview
pH 5.0-6.0
Gently cleanse, moisturize and smooth while relieving stressed out hair and scalp. Discover what pampering your hair is all about.
Enjoy professional hair care system Review
Usage TipThis product may be used as a luxurious skin wash.

Product Overview
pH 4.5 – 5.5
Smooth, moisturize and soften the hair while indulging yourself in an incredible soothing and luxurious experience.
Enjoy professional hair care system Review
Usage Tip This product may be used for shaving and moisturizing the skin. For best results, comb product through hair before rinsing.

Product Overview
Straighten and control coarse or curly hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. Works on even the most difficult hair without building up.
Usage TipAfter blow drying and straightening, follow up with a flat iron, Shine & Smooth, or Shine Spray to lock in moisture and block out humidity.

I love that on the Facebook page they offer style suggestions.

Enjoy professional hair care system Review IN PUBLIC
1. Mist Hair Spray onto dry hair and backcomb, creating volume and lift.
2. Cocktail Dry Wax with Shine Spray and work into hair to create moveable texture and a firm, flexible hold with polish and frizz control.
3. Finger style hair to achieve desired look.
4. Finish with Super Hold Hair Spray for extra firm, flexible hold.

ENJOY Professional Hair Care, a division of USP, inc., is dedicated to providing the professional salon industry with the absolute finest hair care products and most innovative professional hair color.
MissionWe are ENJOY!

At ENJOY, we are firm believers in practical solutions for success without gimmicks. We are not businessmen or chemists trying to make money for our Board of Directors. We are ENJOY, a company dedicated to long-term prosperous relationships and a profound commitment, passion and love for our industry. We implement an extremely focused approach to hair care that includes a complete understanding of our competitive landscape and we foster the establishment of true partnerships with our salon colleagues nationwide.

We provide hair care professionals with the knowledge, continuing education and power to successfully prescribe ENJOY products to their customers based on their individual desires, needs and requirements. To ensure mutual success, we supply best practices and continuing educational programs designed to take the hairdresser to the next level and provide flexible salon programs based on individual salon needs. We are honored to be part of this unique and important culture of beauty. That is why we truly enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to partner with you, the Professional Hairdresser and will continue to strive to earn your respect.

At ENJOY, we recognize that your clients are our clients and that our shared success is based on delivering complete satisfaction at every opportunity. We take great pride in understanding the needs and desires of the professional hairdresser and value strong industry partnerships and are firm believers in the “Evolve or Die” philosophy. Thus, we change as often as needed to ensure that every ENJOY product remains at the forefront of hair care technology and consumer demand. With decades of industry experience in professional hair care, ENJOY understands and supports all aspects of the hair care experience including salon ownership and management, branding, creative, manufacturing, distribution, education, motivation, merchandising, advertising and the customer experience.

Find them:

I received this product in exchange for an honest review all thoughts are my own.


  1. I was just in the salon a couple of days ago to get my hair done and I was trying to figure out what product to take home with me. I ended up not walking out with anything because I couldn't make up my mind.

    This stuff looks awesome (especially since I have thick hair and I tend to use a lot of product, depending on brand). I did look up the website to try and get an idea of how much it runs so I could go get some, but I couldn't find a price and I found out that sadly, the closest salon that sells it is 40 miles away. =(

    I will be keeping an eye out for this at all the hair salons in town though. Thanks Ruby!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I think it is very interesting that they include PH information and that they know it is important for their product to be sulfate free! Thanks to this review I now know when using it I should comb it through rather than my normal rubbing it in as fast as possible and hoping to rinse before a small child comes in needing me. LOL!

  3. These products look awesome!! I still haven't found the right ones for my hair! I am going to check them out! Thank you for keeping me informed on your awesome reviews!!! I don't know if I am more addicted to Pinterest or your site!! :)

  4. I need something like this for my hair. I love your pics they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing about this product and company, I cant wait to find it and try it out.

  5. First let me say that you have the most gorgeous hair!! So jealous. I have heard of them, but have not yet tried their products. After seeing your hair I want to.


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