Monday, February 25, 2013

free Blogging event! Belly Dance Digs

OMG This company has some beautiful things! I want it all! check this out this is a great way to help reach new fans!

My dear bloggers, Visionary Bri is so happy to offer you this giveaway.

Our sponsor, Belly Dance Digs has offered our readers a $25 credit

toward any purchase in their store.

Offering hip scarves, skirts, wings, makeup and other dance supplies,

Belly Dance Digs has everything you need.

Whether you're a belly dancer or just dig the belly dance style,

Belly Dance Digs has it all, for you.

This one is the one they sent me, Visionary Bri.

I just love the jewel tones and the ruffle-esque hem.

Maybe you'd like something with a bit more of a design on it?

Check out the Arabian Treasure skirt, available in lots of colors.

If striking makeup is where you're at, check out the Cleopatra Make-up Collection.

With hip scarves, silk fans, shoes, zills and more,

whether you're a dancer, a LARPer, an actor, costumer,

or you just want a little extra fashion pizazz for a girls night out,

I'm certain that you'll find something on Belly Dance Digs

that you'll just fall in love with.

I know I did.

And, the best part is that the prices are so reasonable

that you can stock up on items in lots of colors.

For dance wear or fashion, these prices just can't be beat!

Requirements to Join:

Post an announcement or pay $5 fee

No more than 2 blogs per person allowed

You will have one free link in exchange for posting an announcement. Your choice of Facebook or Twitter.

Agree to post the giveaway html at least 24 hours after giveaway begins.

this giveaway at least 3 times a week - It will only run for 2 weeks
and you can promote anywhere - your site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest -
wherever you'd like.

Payments accepted:

PayPal accepted -

If you are interested in Co-hosting:

Your blog
is included as co-host via link in event post, first link free and receive your
choice of 2nd Link for $10.00 - Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, you name

NOTICE - All Facebook links will be on a Rafflecopter form - not dry listed as boxes or links.

Giveaway will run March 11th at midnight to March 25th at midnight.

Announcement HTML is here

Blogger Signup is Here

For any further questions, please feel free to email me at

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