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The zombie generation: a book review

The zombie generation: a book review

The zombie generation: a book review
Spoiler alert!!!!

I recently got to review this book by Drake Vaughn. I have lately been on a zombie kick but so it seems has the rest of the world. With Walking Dead starting back up and Warm Bodies being in theaters they just seem to be everywhere. I recently read what Zombies Fear before starting this book and when I saw this I was very excited to get a chance to read it. 

About the book:

The Zombie Generation [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

Publication Date: April 7, 2012

Warner is the sole survivor of a deathscape dominated by hordes of the undead. Years of isolation and lack of any human contact has driven him to the brink of insanity. Plagued with vivid hallucinations and shocking nightmares, he scours the deadlands for any signs of life.

While discovering a temporary cure for his creeping mental illness, Warner is attacked and infected with the deadly disease. Switching between man and beast, he must decide on risking a desperate cure or attempting a suicidal quest to rescue a group of stranded survivors. Worse, these survivors may only be a figment of his crumbling sanity.

The Zombie Generation is a terrifying tale, perfect for fans of horror and the flesh guzzling undead.

About the Author
As a genre fiction writer, Drake focuses on offbeat thrillers and horror with a psychological bent. By bending traditional genres in unique ways, he transforms simple stories into his own crinkled vision. His tales appear deceptively simple, but turn into a wild ride into darkness. He lives in California with his wife and a black cat named Shadow.

Product Details
File Size: 561 KB

Print Length: 239 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1475216378

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

Publisher: Dead Orb Pres; 1 edition (April 7, 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


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Lending: Enabled

My thoughts

This book is very fast paced up until the half way point or at least it was for me. I sat down and read half of it  one day and didn't want to stop reading when I was torn away to do hously duties. After that I found it hard to find time to get back to reading so finally I loaded it to my iPad and read during lunch and breaks at work to finish the book.

This book came from a point of view of a office worker (like me) but only his responsibilities were to reboot the computers at night. Warner seems to be wanting something else, wanting to be free of his prison that is his job. In the begining of the book we find Warner in a already destroyed human world. He's found a item that he treasures just as much as the Buggers (Zombies) that item? Alcohol, apparently it drives the zombies mad just at the smallest hint of the scent. He's found what seems to be the last bottle in the world as all the others have been smashed open by the buggers. 

At first I wondered why he didn't seem to know much about the panic room that he was in as I didn't under stand the full situation until a few pages in. He then decides to drink some of the Nectar which sets off this crazy adventure. 

Skip a few chapters in (just because I don't want to give away too much) He's Infected and we have learned at he has already begun to lose his mind and have hallucinations from Little to no contact. So really leaves you to wonder if he is really infected with anything to begin with or if its just another infection from not properly caring for the cut. He begins to have blackouts believing he has changed  into a monster during these times. He's desperate to reach Pam back at the safe house and makes a long journey there.

Pam is his, well not sure what to call her... Girlfriend,Wife, significant other. She hasn't left the safe house since everything started but you don't know why. She pleads for a child as he says he is changing and as far as they know he is the last man on earth. He says no and begins to experiment on the buggers . The entire time of this book there is random flash backs that show how the whole thing started. Where he was and what he did in the days leading and the corruption of the government still trying to control what is known about the situation. During one of the experiments the bugger begins to talk to him, We find out this isn't the first time, and asks him about Pam he tells them there is no Pam and they cont to press and he finally says Pam is a doll. This caught me off guard and I thought he was just saying it to Protect her from the buggers interest but he rushes to her side to tell her he's sorry and she won't talk to him and he describes her as a doll. So it seems Pam is also a Fig and not real at all but he continues to think as if shes real. After a few days he hears her talking to him again and see's her as a real person once more but it seems its always nagging in the back of his mind that she is just a doll. He comes to his senses many times in the book about Pam but always it ends that he still wants to protect her and avenge her. 

He comes upon a living being in his travels to the Deadlands Which is where Warner's life turns for the even worse because of this new Girl and her secret agenda. Lets just say Warner finds himself in a world of pain, tricked, and robbed much like what they fear in Walking dead. In the end Warner does change and loses himself but we also find out what causes the change and how it all began.

The zombie generation: a book review

I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion all thoughts are my own.

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  1. This sounds good but more up my hubbys alley on books. hes more the Zombie addict!


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