Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be My Valentine gift guide: Flowers

Be My Valentine gift guide: Flowers

Be My Valentine gift guide: Flowers

Be My Valentine gift guide: FlowersRoses have always been a Valentine favorite, red in particular. Usually considered a safe and easy choice but still excites the one in your life, even more dramatic to have delivered to their place of work. Now guys this one is for you because it would be a little odd to have a woman send a man flowers (unless hes that secure in his masculinity) as it will surely get him teased by his co workers.

Be My Valentine gift guide: Flowers
One thing that isn't thought of a lot is the policy's in the work place my not allow living flowers at the location. Some its obvious (like a factory) but even in an office environment there is many policy's stating no living plants. Why you may ask? Because the companies are trying to think about those that may have allergies and more importantly (to most companies) keep water away from the computers.

I have the perfect solution for this issue. You won't sacrifice scent, beauty, amazement with this product. In fact you may even get more excitement for half of what a dozen real roses that will die would cost you. So don't have a fake flower fail on your list this holiday season. 

The solution that I am talking about? Wax roses, They are by Jewelry Candles and they (just like their candles) include a hidden jewel in each dozen. Here is some more information from their site:
Be My Valentine gift guide: Flowers

That's right! Jewelry Candle Company is launching our very own line of amazing wax dipped roses!
These roses are awesome! They never die, look great forever and smell JUST LIKE fresh cut roses!
They come in a very elegant box and we will be offering 6 totally gorgeous colors!
These roses will be sold by the dozen and with each dozen will be a gorgeous piece of jewelry to compliment the flowers.
With Valentines day and Mothers day not too far in the distant future we thought it would be wonderful to introduce something truly awesome to our already awesome line of Jewelry Candles so this is what we came up with!
We hope you guys and gals enjoy them as much as we do and thanks for stopping by !

This post if part of our gift guide for Valentines day 2013

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  1. OMG I love this! I would love for hubby to give me one for Valentines day! GREAT REVIEW!


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