Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Fancy subscription box

The Fancy subscription box

We were provided a box in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links and we will receive compensation if links are used to purchase products, that being said we only recommend things we believe you will love.

I love subscription boxes, it's exciting to be able to basically purchase a present for yourself and actually be surprised what is inside! 
The Fancy is a new box that I stumbled upon recently and was so excited when they said they would work with us in a review!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wet n' Wild Pop Art Craze Swatches and review

Wet n' Wild Pop Art Craze Swatches and review

This was an item I picked up at my local Walgreens and was not provided in exchange for review.

This collection includes 6 sets of colors and they are from left to right as follows.
The Clock Strikes Orange (in the back)
Stand The Test of Lime
Listening to Blue Reed
Who is Ultra Violet?
A Blank Canvas
Teal Slowly and See

I swatched these over Revlon base coat (clear) with 4 coats each.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bat nails Tutorial

Bat nails Tutorial

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mani of the day


I recently got creative and was playing with my new stamping set and Darling Diva polish from the prince collection and decided to do Hello Kitty. On my right hand I decided to go a little gothy ( I can't seem to do the same design on both hands it seems.) I wore this for about a week and have been swatching since and haven't completed a Mani yet but I plan on doing something tomorrow and will share with you!

What does your mani look like? Link us in your comments.

CC Cream SPF 20 in linen review

I received a sample of the Studio Gear CC cream for testing purposes. All thoughts here are my own and not influenced by others.

Ok so I admit it I was a little behind and by the time I heard about BB cream CC was launched about a month later. I still haven't tried a BB cream but I did get a sample of Studio Gear's new contender on the market. Being as pale as I am I went with the lightest shade to help prevent it from being too dark for me ( it happens a lot.)

Friday, July 26, 2013

K'Nex Summer Giveaway.

Mom Are We There Yet is ecstatic to bring you K'Nex Summer Giveaway.

Beat those 'I'm bored' days from your kids. Give them something fun to do, using their imagination. Unglue them from the tv and let the fun begin. There will be eight different toys in this giveaway. 8 people will win one individual K'Nex toy. Winners will be picked at random and odds of winning are based on the number of entries. To learn more of what is up for grabs you can see the review HERE.

Give the kids something to play with that will help keep them out of trouble and keep them learning. I wish I Had toys like these growing up and I would have spent hours playing with them! Enter below and good luck to all my readers

. knex 1

Here is the pictures of all 8 items in the giveaway.

K'nex Super Mario 3D LandIMGP0363

TinkerToy # 56433IMGP0362

4 Different Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures sets (only one per winner even though 4 are in one picture).IMGP0358

K'nex Extreme Sports


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Avon Opal top coat sneak peek

Avon sneak Peek.

In book 18 Avon will not only be releasing the brushed metals (which you can read about HERE) they will be launching a Opal top coat.

If you love the look of the Zoya Fleck polish (no longer being made very hard to find and cost a pretty penny.) and didn't get a chance to get your hands on it then this one is for you.

Want to know more? Keep reading for more info and image.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Batgirl child costume from

Disclosure: I received no compensation from the company whose product we are reviewing below. I have tested each product thoroughly. Life of a Mad Typer is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.
Most costumes are made to be used once and then never touched again. Recently my daughter got the privilege of trying out the Batgirl costume from I was surprised by the quality. Costumes don't last long in my home. Made for one time Halloween use, most don't stand up to the rough and tumble play time that my daughter is expecting. This Batgirl has stood the test of time.

This costume includes all the stuff essential to being the best Batgirl possible, such as a dress with cape, arm cuffs with spikes, leggings with footholds to go over shoes, a utility belt, and of course, a mask. It's a pretty good deal for less than $35. While I could talk all day about the good value, the biggest upside to this costume is how cute my kid looks as Batgirl.

If your child is anything like Josie then a costume is a year around enjoyment and hours of fun to be had. As everyone knows a child with a broken toy (or costume in this case) is not a happy camper so if you are looking for a costume that can stand the test of time for your child then check out for your super hero or other costume needs.

Find them:

Disclosure: I received no compensation from the company whose product we are reviewing above. I have tested each product thoroughly. Life of a Mad Typer is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Orly Halloween collection 2013

My favorite holiday is Halloween and Orly is bringing back their time honored collection with a new addition. 

From the bottle shots it looks like only 2 colors but is in fact 4 different shades. 

I already own liquid vinyl (one of my favorite blacks) and at first glance I fell in love with Goth (fits me perfect) and plan on purchasing it but the oranges didn't impress me much (damn now that song is playing in my head) until I saw swatches. Now I find myself lusting for Melt your Popsicle. 

Do you already own one of these colors? What do you think of this collection. 

Walgreens Haul for 7/22

Monday, July 22, 2013


Butter London has their own POP ART COLLECTION featuring 3 polish shades.

From butter London's site:

Harness your inner fashion diva, and create catwalk looks with Pop Art – a bespoke collection of brights. Hot off the runway, these shades will take your favorite nail looks to the next level. What will your nail art grow up to be?

Cheeky Chops: Opaque, canary-yellow cream
NEW lacquer! Keks: Opaque, vivid blue cream 
Primrose Hill Picnic: Opaque, tropical pink cream

Watch the tutorial:
I am drooling over Primrose Hill Picnic and Keks. 

The collection is $45

Which of the colors are you looking at?

Juppy baby walker giveaway

The Juppy Giveaway

Hosted By:

Sponsored By:

Back hurting as you try to teach your child to walk? Then check out the Juppy the answer to your prayers.

  • The safest method of teaching your baby to walk.
  • 100% parent assisted, eliminating dangerous falls.
  • Not only easy on you but also for grandparents! T
  • he only baby walker that fits in a purse!
  • Perfect baby shower gift for any mom!
  • Easy to clean-machine or hand washable.
  • One-size-fits-all.

Bart's cookies giveaway

We had a review in the past and loved these so when I got the chance to share with you the chance to win again I jumped on it! Good luck!

Manic Mama of 2 was given the chance to sample a couple different flavors of Bart's Cookies recently, and let me tell you these cookies are addictive! Order The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies From When Bart contacted me for the chance to review his cookies, it was unlike anything I had ever heard. He asked me what kinds that I wanted to try because he would be baking that day. He wanted to make sure that the cookies that I got for review were the freshest that they could be. It made me, this is not just a company that sends out cookies that are days or even weeks old when you order. I am under the impression that when you order something, it is made to order, which is awesome!
Bart Smith Makes The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
From his webpage, he just looks like an inviting man! He looks like someone that you would trust :)
I received my cookies only a couple days after putting in my request. I choose the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and the Dark Chocolate Chip cookies. These were perfect for our family because my hubs is addicted to anything that is peanut butter and chocolate together whether it be cookies, candy, or ice cream. I try to stick primarily to dark chocolate because it is good for the skin & healthier for you too!
Bart Smith Makes The World's Best Chocolate Chip CookiesBart Smith Makes The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
I kept hearing how awesome and amazing Bart's Cookies were, and so when I tried them myself....ALL THE RUMORS WERE TRUE!
Holy cow, we went through a dozen of these bad boys in one night. The same night that we received them as a matter of fact. They are perfect with milk for dunking :)
Bart was amazing because he also threw in a sampler bag of two White Macadamia Nut cookies.

He has such fun pictures at his website it was hard to pick which ones that I wanted to use for this review. FYI, the cookies were gone before I could get a picture of my own for this review. Just that darn good!
They are definitely reasonably priced for being baked whenever you place your order. No refrigerated or frozen dough to worry about!
Click Here To Order Bart's Cookies
(This image above is not a real clickable!)

So if you want to get to know more about Bart and his awesome cookies, process, and ordering some, please check him out:



Bart's Cookies gets a big thumbs up and an imaginary high five all the way to California from me :)

Enter to win!! There will be 8 winners altogether :) 3 winners will win 2 choices of cookies that they want to try and 5 others will win a 50% off promo code from Bart's!

Enter on the link below for your chance to win:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orly Fall 2013 Surreal Collection

After reorganizing my polish collection I realized I own more Orly than almost any other brand. 

This Fall Orly is batting up another winning collection of beautiful polishes. 

I love blues, purples, and glitters and mostly that's what this collection is so I am drooling!!!

This season, obscure the line between real and virtual: Marvel in the mystical. Channel the magical, the ethereal, the eclectic, the unexpected. Drench yourself in a sweet dream-like daze—and take nails psychedelically off-center with Surreal, the new Fall 2013 color collection from ORLY. The time has come to recolor reality. Daydream to the extreme. Free-fall into fantasy with a digitally saturated palette that dazzles and enchants.

Which shade has you drooling the most? 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

ORLY Pretty in Pink BCA Collection

Help support early cancer detection. 20% of profits will be donated to Cancer Schmancer. Cancer Schmancer’s mission is to transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift the nation’s priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer. In the U.S. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. But there is hope... Did you know when cancer is found early, 90% survive? Every woman, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic background deserves to have the opportunity of survival –

This collection features 3 special edition FX nail lacquers designed exclusively for ORLY’s Pretty In Pink collection.

This collection has 3 shades 
Fight on
Pink your world
You are not alone. 

I am a glitter addict! I am not much for the color pink but a pink glitter polish is just sparkly enough to grab my attention. With a good cause on the line I will be purchasing all 3!

Will you be purchasing this collection?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Euro Centrale Collection by OPI

I have been seeing the Euro Centrale collection and have been drooling over Can’t Find My Czechbook, since day one. 


But after looking at swatches and drooling some more due to the price I can only afford to get one and I would have to go with 

Information from their site:
Euro Centrale by OPI is a celebration of one of the world’s richest sources of creative talent for centuries, and especially one of the areas of cultural awakening emerging from this region: fashion. Gothic historical churches alongside modern public buildings punctuated with vibrant graffiti murals are the perfect backdrop for modern fashion design to make its entrance. Young designers present their most avant-garde creations at fashion shows held in museums, designs to rival anything from Paris or Milan.
This fusion of "old meets new" perfectly illustrates how times have changed. Technological advances help us achieve the "have it all" lifestyle – family, career, civic duty, and now, what has become most fundamental — time to nourish ourselves, with a stronger focus on nutrition, exercise, and spiritual growth. As a result, our lives have become fuller, richer. We are no longer defined so much by what we do for a living, but how we live, including how we colour our lives to reflect our passions.
For some, it’s glamour that defines us. It shines outward in the way bold metallics shine in luxurious shades of gold (OY–Another Polish Joke!), bronze(Hands Off My Kielbasa!), and copper (A Woman’s Prague-ative).
For others, we were born to play – whether it’s physical sports, playing with our families, or simply having a playful attitude. We live in bright, happy shades like warm pink (Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!), periwinkle purple (You’re Such a BudaPest), aqua (Can’t Find My Czechbook), fiery red (My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!), and glittery blues and violets (
And then there are those of us with an "indie" approach to life, deep thinkers who are drawn to colours just as profound. Bottomless ocean indigo(OPI...Eurso Euro), midnight blue (I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw), and aubergine (Vant to Bite My Neck?) appeal to us. Finally, some of us choose to remain neutral, allowing us to move freely through the world, but for them, neutral isn’t’s exciting (My Vampire is Buff)!
As significant as colour, nail design continues to be an important element in fashion, acting as accessories as prominent as jewelry. By experimenting with application designs and exploring in new directions, nail fashion heights are limited only by imagination and daring.

Do you own any of the Euro collection? Which is your favorite? If you haven't already do you plan on purchasing one or more? 

Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmeres & Satins

Fall’s most sultry shades are here. Introducing the NEW Zoya Cashmeres & Satins Collection! Indulge in the decadent cashmere creams or the silky, satin metallics – no matter which choose, this season is sure to be luxurious!

 The 2013 fall collection from Zoya has been announced and released at $8 a pop. 

The collection includes:













With a star studded line up there were a few that caught my eye. 

Do you own or plan on buying one of the Zoya fall collection? 

Essie Giveaway

I have been trying to plan some awesome giveaways with polish (my obsession) and other beauty products and when I was able to get my hands on these 4 bottles of Essie I immediately thought of you all! 

This giveaway will have 1 winner and the winner will get all 4 polishes.
The polishes received will be in the following shades:
Maximillian strasse-her
Tart deco
Meet me at sunset 
Shake your $$ maker

This giveaway will be a month long giveaway so don't miss this!!!!

Enter Below!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Galaxy Nails set by Rainbow Honey

Another great set added to rainbow honeys line. This is a set that cannot be ordered individually but the set is $25

I have seen some DIY nails on Pinterest but they have nothing on these. 

More information from the site:
 Galaxy Nails Set includes 4 colored lacquers and a nail art sponge for recreating this special look. Also comes with “Space Dust” - a glitter topper to finish the galaxy look. 
Available as a mini size set. 5 nail lacquers of 4ml each ($25).
FREE Secret Polish and FREE Shipping on all orders of $50 or more during this month! (US & Canada only).  
International customers please order through participating Rainbow Honey retail partners around the globe!
Our products are designed and made in the United States of America, always free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”), and with ingredients that have never been tested on animals.

They are currently sold out!!! Did you get your hands on this set before it sold out? Are you drooling over this set and waiting to see If they restock?

shooting star set by Rainbow Honey

I love glitter but if there is something I love more than regular glitter is glitter in the shape of stars. I have been obsessed with stars and moons since childhood it might be something to do with my hero as a child. 
Info from their site:
Shooting Star Set includes “Orionid” and “Leonid”, duochromatic lacquers that act as a perfect base for creating a spacey look topped off with “Star Stuff”, the glitter topper of this set.

Available as a full size set, 3 nail lacquers, 15ml each ($30), or sold individually ($10).

I'm obsessed with star stuff! I think Sailor Moon would be proud. 

What do you think of this collection? Do you own one which one and what do you think?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drop Dead Diva

I was recently watching Drop Dead Diva and heard a story line that sounded odly familiar.

episode 9 season 4 says:
A grieving woman (Rosalie Ward) with an addiction to eating her late fiancee's ashes hires Jane and Grayson to defend her in a case over her bizarre fetish against her late ex's stepmother. Jane also deals with Owen's return, in which he reveals he has a failing heart condition and is therefore not sure about going through with the wedding, even though Jane thinks they should. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker try to assess the damage that Gina did to the firm, only to have Kim discover the real reason behind it and that Parker had already known about it beforehand. When Teri asks Luke to help her launch her music career, Luke becomes skeptical about the studio that Teri wants to use. 

That episode aired originally August 2012

What made it sound familiar was on My strange addiction a woman did the same thing. See

and you will see that was published in 2011.

Did drop dead diva creators steal the idea?
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