Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drop Dead Diva

I was recently watching Drop Dead Diva and heard a story line that sounded odly familiar.

episode 9 season 4 says:
A grieving woman (Rosalie Ward) with an addiction to eating her late fiancee's ashes hires Jane and Grayson to defend her in a case over her bizarre fetish against her late ex's stepmother. Jane also deals with Owen's return, in which he reveals he has a failing heart condition and is therefore not sure about going through with the wedding, even though Jane thinks they should. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker try to assess the damage that Gina did to the firm, only to have Kim discover the real reason behind it and that Parker had already known about it beforehand. When Teri asks Luke to help her launch her music career, Luke becomes skeptical about the studio that Teri wants to use. 

That episode aired originally August 2012

What made it sound familiar was on My strange addiction a woman did the same thing. See

and you will see that was published in 2011.

Did drop dead diva creators steal the idea?


  1. I love this show! And i remember that shows use real life events and stuff like that for their storylines all the time...

  2. Lol I know I was looking fr that too that episode was one of the weirdest omg how much I love DDD

  3. I have never seen this show, but I must say... eating the ashes of the dead is a pretty strange quirk.


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