Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Orly Halloween collection 2013

My favorite holiday is Halloween and Orly is bringing back their time honored collection with a new addition. 

From the bottle shots it looks like only 2 colors but is in fact 4 different shades. 

I already own liquid vinyl (one of my favorite blacks) and at first glance I fell in love with Goth (fits me perfect) and plan on purchasing it but the oranges didn't impress me much (damn now that song is playing in my head) until I saw swatches. Now I find myself lusting for Melt your Popsicle. 

Do you already own one of these colors? What do you think of this collection. 


  1. I honestly thought this was dumb just to repromote these colors, so I looked online for anything else about Halloween collections, and OPI actually has an interesting one coming out! You should post it up. :D

  2. Nice! I'm kind of obsessive about matching, so it's nice to see slightly different shades.

  3. I love these Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can't wait to try these!


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