Thursday, July 25, 2013

Avon Opal top coat sneak peek

Avon sneak Peek.

In book 18 Avon will not only be releasing the brushed metals (which you can read about HERE) they will be launching a Opal top coat.

If you love the look of the Zoya Fleck polish (no longer being made very hard to find and cost a pretty penny.) and didn't get a chance to get your hands on it then this one is for you.

Want to know more? Keep reading for more info and image.

I drooled over the Zoya polishes when I saw them and was sad to see that they go for $25+ on sites like ebay. I have something similar from hot topic's cosmetic line BlackHeart in pink but nothing in green or blue. Amazing by themselves they make even better top coats on similar colors. 

The thing I am loving most is that Avon's will be clear so will look fabulous over any color! The regular price will be $6 but will have a introductory cost of $3.49. As always with Avon polish if you see something you want snatch it up because once its gone it may be awhile before its re released (like the Matte polish) or if ever.  

Will you be buying the Opal top coat? Do you have a non limited edition favorite top coat with similar qualities?


  1. I like that! i would definitely buy it and use it :)

  2. I really like it and the fact that its clear is a big plus for me :)

  3. Lovely! Looking forward to playing around with this.

  4. love it I'm in love of zoya but the price not so much!! avon looks like a great option!

  5. Very pretty. I've had good luck with Avon polishes.

  6. definitely looks like something i would love to try :)


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