Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bat nails Tutorial

Bat nails Tutorial

I used these polishes because they are thicker for the bats.

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat
Orly Liquid Vinyl

A paper stamp from walmart (usually used for scrapbooking)

Apply the polish on a plastic bag in thin layers.
For this I did a 2nd layer over the first. 
It takes about 20-30 mins to dry enough to peel.

Peel off the polish once its dried (tweezers make this easier.)

Slide the polish into the hole punch.
Easily punch the polish.
Voila you have a bat made of nail polish!

Apply base coat and base color and let fully dry.
Place on the nail and apply a layer of clear coat.

Voila Bat Nails!!!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Share your mani's with me that you do using this method.


  1. love it i want some other shapers!

    1. I'm on the look out!!! I'm about to check eBay too.

  2. OMG!!!! I freaking love this! I never it was so simple to do this~!~!~ I need to check out your bog more! You have some amazing stuff on here! Keep up the amazing tutorial!!!!!

    1. I'm posting them as fast as I can come up with them :) glad you share my love of Halloween 365

  3. This is literally the best thing ever. I'm definatley going to give this a go! Using a stamp is such a great idea xxx

  4. These are awesome! With Halloween not too far away, I am definitely going to try these on the little girls in my life. I believe they will love it!


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