Friday, October 11, 2013

Dirty Dirty Dirty by Darling Diva Polish

I received the following product in exchange for honest review. All thoughts here are my own.

This is one of those polishes for you holo lovers out there! Dirty Dirty Dirty is holo top coat with color shifting flakes.
Don't let this image fool you! These two may look alike in the bottles once you apply it you see the difference. And a bag of chips review coming soon.

I applied this over many many colors on and off the nail so check below for all these combos and warning this is very pic heavy.
For the remainder of this review Dirty Dirty Dirty will be called DDD.

This is a top coat but can be worn over a plain nail for a simple look with a shine. This has 2 main colors depending on how the light hits it. It shines between purple and navy with rainbow holo micro glitters. In the shade it makes the polish you wear it over look frosted but in the sun a rainbow appears. I had issues getting a good picture of it in the sun as it rained and has been cloudy for awhile but I finally got hit with a sunny day.

(middle finger is and a bag of chips.)

I really thought this would look best over dark colors better but after using it over the rainbow I love how it looks with either! DDD dries with a matte finish and I highly recommend using a top coat if you want this to gleam even more. The dry time is super fast and only took one coat to get the look you see in these images. 

DDD isn't available in the store yet but its coming soon!


 You can see the blue and purple really well in this picture.

  And a bag of chips is on middle finger.
  And a bag of chips is on middle finger.

  And a bag of chips is on middle finger.
 And a bag of chips is on middle finger.

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  1. Love the names of the polishes. Really cute pictures too. Thanks for sharing with us may be time to start getting some stocking stuffer's for the girls.

  2. Those colors look really cute. I love glittery nails, always have. I love that you took lots of great pictures too.

  3. I love your posts! The colors look like a peacock fan! :-) Very pretty.

  4. Love all the colors, the polish looks like it applies so smoothly. Great review!!


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