Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lucky Star by Darling Diva Polish swatch and review

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I love stars, I mean really love stars. I've been obsessed for as long as I can remember so when I saw Lucky Star I had to have it! The old man got it for me after seeing how much I love DDP and this polish. I was so excited when it arrived and I have used it many times and each Time I love it just as much as the last!

Here is some information from DDP:

Lucky Star, inspired by the Madonna song of the same name.
This is a white crelly glow in the dark polish that is also super awesome under the blacklight!
Black and neon green stars along with neon pink glitters make this super pretty!

I have been addicted to jelly polish lately and this is a mixture of a creme and a jelly so its not as transparent so it is right in line with my obsession.
This is layered over white to remove all transparency. The white I used is whipped topping from Wet n' Wild. 

Whats better than stars? Neon stars paired with black stars to make that neon POP. When neon pink and green is paired with hot pink I think of watermelon. I know watermelon is no where near neon but its just what pops in my head. It takes me back to the days of hanging outside as a child with my dad in the front of his apartment. I was born an only child and it wasn't the safest of neighborhoods so I spent most of my childhood playing by myself. One of my favorite things was a YoYo I don't remember where it came from but it was the same shade as the green in this polish on one side and this shade of pink on the other. I called it my watermelon YoYo and when I think about it I think about my dad before he got sick. It was a happy time in my life or at least the part with my dad as he was my rock after my granny died. Thats a whole other story that I think I may have talked about in the past if not it will come up in the future.

Back to polish! This also glows in the dark and I don't care what color a polish is if it glows its awesome in my book. It glows in the dark not just under blacklight. It catches me off guard when I wake up at night to go to work and I reach for my phone and my nail is just sitting there glowing.

This is without the white base. 3 layers with about 5 layers of topcoat lol I got a little carried away.

Without the base of white this lasted for about a week without chipping and I used it with Avon's smooth beginnings and when it did chip it came off in one piece. With blank canvas from Wet n' Wild it lasted about 3 days before it started to crack, which is when I switched over to using Whipped topping from Wet n' Wild which I will be reviewing in the future as its amazing! With whipped topping it lasted 5 days.

So if your check list includes any of these then its a need for any polish hound!

* Glow in the dark
*crelly or jelly

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  1. I so love that polish the stars are so cute I'm falling for diva polishes all the way =)

  2. OMG I have to get some! Im like you if it glows in the dark it is automatically amazing. I love your blog!! Thanks for always having so much awesome info and detail on products.

  3. That is the cutest nail polish ever!

  4. They have some really cute polishes. My daughter is gonna love her stocking this year.

  5. I want! I love the stars. Reminds me Sailormoon. :)

  6. Absolutely in love with the stars! I'd usually opt for black with neon but the white looks amazing.


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