Thursday, October 10, 2013

rainbow honey sneak peek The Final Battle fall 2013 collection

Man am I excited to bring this review and swatches to you. This collection launches tomorrow and features 15 new colors in 3 parts. This collection was inspired by Final Fantasy VII.

Part I
This is influenced by the heroes and the face off between the planet's lifestream and the meteor.

Part II
Is influenced by the monsters used in battles.

Part III
The weapons created by the planet as a form of self defense.
These all have a metallic sheen to them and are meant to be a base to the many glitters in this collection.

Here is the box I received with 3 colors inside. Keep reading to find out which 3 I received and get my opinion and swatches of all 3!

Or you can check the unboxing here!

I know the suspense is killing you so I will just tell you!
I got Meteor, Tidal Wave, and Sapphire weapon.

Meteor - The smoldering metals and minerals shine through in this clear base full of black, gold, and fiery glitters...

When I first saw this color it didn't impress me much (yes the Shania Twain song is playing in my head now) but as I keep looking at it and seeing it in the sun it has begun to grow on me. I tend to shy away from browns and gold but with this polish I will make an exception. It is perfect for the fall collection because it screams leaves changing color.

Artificial light


These are 3 coats of polish. It has a texture to it kind of like rubbing a brick (Matches the colors.) If you hate textures this is not for you. For application dabbing is the best method to get the best coverage. This has Large gold and black matte hexes, medium red and orange hexes, and a little bit of everything in circular. It would not be hard to get this to be fully opaque if applied correctly with 3 layers. The dry time was amazing and even with being tossed around between work and home it hasn't chipped or flaked off.

Part II - THE SUMMONS - Tidal Wave
This murky aqua base is filled with holographic glitters and the effervescent shimmer of the great Leviathan's scales...

Artificial light

Sun light 

When I saw that I got this color I was jumping up and down! This is actually the one I wanted the most from this collection. You all know how much I love my blue nail polish and this stuff is so beautiful and glitter packed! I tried to catch the shimmer in this but its really hard to get it just right before my camera auto focuses it away! This is 2 coats and smooth application. It died super fast and I can't wait to use this in a real mani. If you love glitter and blue as much as me then this is a must have! This ones texture is more like the OPI liquid sands after a thin coat of clear coat, not rough but slightly bumpy. Even the most anti textured people would love this with a coat of topcoat.

The Weapons are five special new lacquers that integrate armor and shine into each coat!

Sapphire Weapon - A deep navy blue with green and gold shimmer...

Two beautiful blues from Rainbow honey in one box? Be still my heart!!!
I used 3 coats of this polish in the swatches. This polish is not streaky and is easy to work with. It is very quick drying and dries with a matte texture.

Artificial lighting 

Sun Light

This polish is so jammed packed with glitter goodness that it almost looks duo chrome. Inside I notice the green more but outside the gold seems to flourish.

All in all I am loving the Final Battle collection and so are my co workers! I think I may have converted a few to the ways of rainbow honey and that selections much larger with more variations are available to them online in the wonderful world of indies!

I would say other polishes in the collection that I would love to try are Lifestream/cetra/ruby weapon.

What do you think about meteor, tidal wave, and sapphire weapon? Which color is your favorite? Do you plan on buying any of the Final Battle collection?


  1. Wow girl, love the colors.. what a great review.. thanks for the info.

  2. Gorgeous! The last one is my favorite!

  3. These all look really really cool. We would all have so much fun with these.

  4. I love all the glitter and shine! Very pretty!

  5. love those color I think Imma check their store, thanks for the heads up!


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