Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vacation in Indy day 2.

So we woke up on the second day the day I called "tourist day" to do all the things I wanted to do. The thing I didn't count on? Nothing being open yet... Yeah I know should have known better but I was in such excitement I couldn't wait anymore! We had breakfast at the hotel and man what a good breakfast it was! Yogurt,bagels and cream cheese and make your own waffles! We ate till we were full and took some scrambled eggs and sausage to Fuzzy back in the room (he's very spoiled you see) and he promptly gobbled it all up!
He's odd he likes to get on selves and lay there at the hotel he just loved to hang out on them like this.

So we left and Headed to the Central Canal park so look at the boats and things, but our plans were to be spoiled. We got there to find the entire park blocked off. At first we weren't sure why but we parked else where and walked over and saw that there was a race for the cure type event. Checked the photo's to find it was the Indianapolis women's half marathon.
Not much else to do In the park and my feet were starting to hurt. I did see this awesome stone sculpture and got some great shots of the water but I was anxious to move on to the next thing on the list. I was going to go to the zoo but I realized if I did I wouldn't to see the other things I wanted to see and I was really only interested in the gift shop and the entrance fee wasn't worth it. Next stop? Children's museum!

Worse thing about going to a children's museum? Having to try to wade through all the little ones to see the attraction. At one point I was trying to look at a display and one of the moms was sitting on the display case o_0 she refused to move so I could see so I moved on. I was irked to say the least that she was mistreating museum property........and in my way (Ok I admit it, was mostly because she was in my way!)

The Old Man's favorite thing of this location? Well the train and the cars of course! He is planning on sharing the green Camaro with one of his teachers. Kind of sad we didn't find any trains to ride on I've always wanted to ride one and the old man has been obsessed since he was younger.

 I really loved the color of this Camaro but I'm partial to the older styles as I think the new one looks like a shark. The Old Man laughs at me but I know I can't be the only one that thinks this way can I?

After that we went back to the hotel to walk our baby and to make sure he had water. We at this point I was having issues walking and the Old Man was giving me the look. You know the "Look" the one where they are going to make you do something. Well for me that was going to shoe carnival barefooted because my shoe was giving me blisters. So I got 2 new pairs of shoes, the only thing that fit that I liked the NIKE comfort soles. My First ever NIKE, I don't like paying alot for shoes as I don't believe they are worth that much a pair for sandals but at this point I had no shoes and was desperate. My feet felt so much better once I slipped these on! They are quite comfortable I just hate having to get the men's for them to fit!

Next was the Indianapolis museum of Art. Loved the building from the outside and I loved the exhibit in the lobby but other then that I wasn't impressed with floor 1. I bought a magnet from this location and nothing else. My favorites in this location was the European art, Asian cultural art, and the Buddah's but there was a lot in between I didn't care for. The 4th floor to me was not art but just a bunch of mess not worth space but I guess that may just be me. I have discovered I do not like what passes as MODERN art.

For dinner we went to Hard Rock Cafe! A place I have always wanted to go. We even got lucky enough to get a spot right outside the front door! We were so excited we went in purchased souvenirs and the Man put them in the car and we were seated and already had our drinks by time it hit me we forgot to do something......I forgot to pay for the parking spot! So I bolted from my seat and ran to the car, Lucky us again no parking ticket! The food was wonderful and so was my drink (non-alcoholic of course)!

We went back to the hotel and hung out with the fuzzy hit the pool and went to bed early preparing for take off the next day.

More to come about the vacation! Read about day one HERE.

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