Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Odd day. The case of nudity.

Ever have a day that just starts off so weird and seems to ruin the rest of the day? Well that day,for me has been today. Want to know what happened from the moment I tried to leave the house? Read below to find out!

SO I went to leave for work and I step on my porch and the next thing I know I see the neighbor stark naked walking down his sidewalk. I immediately ran into the house and closed the door yelling for the Old Man. Now see we have been having issues with this neighbor and this is just the latest drama but SERIOUSLY walking outside naked? It's close to midnight I understand but he knows people are still awake and I leave around the same time every night and it had to be when I go to leave, OH GREAT just my luck right! I mean we live in FRONT of a elementary school does he have no shame? 

I waited about 5 mins before trying to leave again. *peaks out the door* Hmmm ok, I don't see him... NOPE here he comes from out behind his truck and now walking towards mine. *slams the door* OLD MAN!!!!! HE'S STILL OUT THERE!  Old man:Grumble grumble just go to work! *hears car door slam and car speed off* Me: I think he's gone! *opens door, peeks out.....slams door* Me:Nope still there, I have to go and he's still out there! Old Man:Grumble grumble... ok, I'm coming.
The old man gets up and walks me to the car and of course now that I'm not by myself he's gone inside. Tell you its just my luck! And for the rest of the day I was off my game and just wished I could have a reset. What crazy things have your neighbors done? What would you have done in this situation?
NOTE: Image is a recreation by using an image of my front yard view to the neighbors yard and adding in a naked man and not an actual image from the incident.

I think hes on bath salts........


  1. Ive never had a neighbor do anything like this and I hope i don't! LOL.

  2. It seems to becoming a thing of the past

  3. That is just craziness!!! LOL I understand though...When my Hubby & I first were married, we lived in an apartment and one night really late our neighbor.... an elderly woman next door, walked outside and checked her mail.... in an open bathrobe. She was naked otherwise! We had just came home, and got a view we were not expecting!! LOL =)

  4. Replies
    1. David told me a bit ago the neighbor was back at it after I left laying naked in the street!


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