Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion bug...... Farewell my clothing friend a hard goodbye.

So I love love fashion bug and I heard the one across the bridge in Henderson ky was closing and on sale 20-70% off i decided to go. I asked why they are closing and I am sad to report she said they are all closing including the site and fashion bug will be no more. So now in my tiny area all I will have as options will be online(we all know how that goes.) lane bryant(expensive as hell) and catherine's (too old for my taste) and good ol Walmart. So hurry on and get those deals before the good clothes are gone. I spent $185, I told the cashier I was shopping like I never have the chance to buy clothes again! Which if you think about it I won't be unless its second hand till I reach a size that I can get at other locations.

Now that I thought more on it I have more opinions Go HERE  to read them.

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