Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Fashion Bug? more thoughts on that.

 I live in a place voted america's fattest city and you know what's crazy? I still have to order my clothes online, or go to Fashion bug which isn't going to be an option for me anymore! Isn't America known as the fattest country in the world? Why do we not have more plus size stores, and online doesn't count because every plus size person knows how it is to get something from online and it doesn't fit right. On top of being voted the fattest city we are the 3rd largest in Indiana, So why don't we have more then 4 plus size stores? And depending on your age range/size range the choices are even less. DEBs Is great for jeans but its hard to find anything past a 22 and the tops are all designed usually for teens in mind. (which I have been able to get by with in the past but my age is starting to get up there where it's not acceptable.) Fashion bug has stuff ranging up to a size 28 or higher and is age appropriate for 16-27 on most items and in the past few years have become more versatile and offering things to even older customers without looking like they are trying to dress young. Another great  thing about the Bug is that it was more affordable then its counter parts.Lane Bryant is more based for things I would get to wear at work but there isn't much here that I would want to wear outside of work. Also who wants to pay $50 or more for a shirt... Just a shirt nothing special nothing fancy! I could get 2 or more depending on the sale for that price at the bug. Catherine's......well lets just say as a 24 year old I find most of their clothes too old for my taste but they are great on bra's. I have an issue.....what is it you ask?
WELL I have huge boobs *sad face* I long ago outgrew the ones at fashion bug (they go up to a 50 something DDD) and then started buying at Lane Bryant for about $40 something each getting a 56DDD but then I hit another growth spurt and jumped to a 56F and they had my size over at Catherine's but not the others. Before I hit the spurt I had found Catherine's cheaper prices (by about half) for what I was paying at Lane Bryant I could get 2 bra's THEN it happened again..... I grew to a 56H and now I'm stuck getting mine online at Catherine's. So do you know what I think they should do ? I think they should keep Fashion Bug and either combine Catherine's and Lane Bryant (which both have high prices minus the bra's) into one store or combine Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug (without raising what Fashion bug currently carries in cost) but that's just what I think because removing the affordable options isn't going to make people buy more of the expensive clothes. I NEVER walk out of a Fashion Bug without at least 1 item. I BARELY buy anything from the other 2 unless I have to (like my bra's online) If the company that bought out Fashion Bugs parent company was really interested in getting into the plus size market then it would keep Fashion Bug.


  1. "Isn't America known as the fattest country in the world? Why do we not have more plus size stores"

    And why are there always petite clothing when I go to search for cloths and not a lot of plus size? You know how hard it is to find a 2X or 3X at Walmart? But how easy it is to find a Petite or Small?

    You would believe, the way people talk about obesity epidemics, clothing stores would be full of 5X and 6X clothing.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!! There are even more extra smalls then the larger sizes at most of these stores!I mean come on people isn't my money (as a fat person) not good enough for you? You purposely don't carry past a size because you don't want fat people to shop there? Well that's OK, because your employees are usually stuck up and watch people every second they are shopping and I don't feel I should be treated that way. Ever notice you go into the plus size store and the workers are really nice? How often do you get that at any place that's blasting music that blocks out conversation? There's a reason for the music.... Its to keep conversations down as their employees either don't have a brain, or are rude. In a rare occasion are they working there because they like the store and want the discount but it does happen. COME ON PEOPLE whittling away at the plus size market is not going to make people lose more weight.

  2. I hate to hear about companies going under! There are some great online shops though, I just hate the hassle of having to return if something doesn't fit.


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