Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legend Alternate Ending

This video was removed

The Cr├╝xshadows - Deception

playing scrabble

playing words with friends for the first time on iphone been fun


the time has come, time for an end to the sun
the rain is here to take over your world
and remove what good has done.
light becomes dark, it finds a way into your soul.
don't fight it, you feel it seeping into you.
come join me on the dark side of things.
give into the darkness in your soul

Monday, April 25, 2011

I wont tell you by lacuna coil

Well i'm sitting here trying to choose a new blog background and this song starts to play on itunes and I wanted to share it.

google goth fail

This cracked me up! I was looking for new backgrounds for my blog and look what google did!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer"
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angry birds bing


angry birds

this is hilarious

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) - Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits

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Friday, April 22, 2011

nxt generation of ding dong ditch

Ding dong boob is where you ring the door bell and smack who ever answers the door with your boobs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fake Wings - Yuki Kajiura (.hack//SIGN)

Pink - F**kin' Perfect (Cover by Caitlin Hart)

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell (Cover by Jake Coco & Caitlin Hart)

dying balloons need love too

these balloon animals are still hanging on hahaha they are starting to look inappropriate for work..dying balloons need love toodying balloons need love too

wish you were here avril

i like this better than Avril version.....

pictures taken while driving

I know i shouldn't have but I did

pictures taken while drivingpictures taken while driving

birthday gifts

well my aunt sent me a gift card and so i went shopping! heres what i got

Plus Size Sexy Lace Accented Long Sleeve Top Black
birthday giftsbirthday giftsbirthday gifts

Plus size Floral Lace Sleeve Top Black
birthday gifts
birthday gifts
birthday gifts

Plus Size Black Floral Print Waist Tie Tunic Top
birthday gifts

clap your hands

If your boobs are bigger than your head clap your hands. If your boobs are bigger than you head clap your hands!••••••••*clap clap*•••• clap*clap*clap•••••••••


well back in march i posted about learning to crochet march 24th well i never posted the finished picture it was finished awhile ago and i am working on one all white and one all blue now.
crochet started off so well but....

crochetdidnt end so well... haha not bad for first try and a few weeks

freebies in the mail!

I got this in the mail. had forgotten about it lol

sunday 17th of april

I went to a friend of mines little girls birthday and had fun! its cool that hers is the day before

mine!sunday 17th of aprilsunday 17th of april
sunday 17th of april

crazy cat

is cat is insane:crazy catcrazy catcrazy cat
crazy cat

just got a pizza for $8

There is a nice groupon going on now for dominoes would encourage you to check it out for a good meal

just got a pizza for $8

And the water dried and the ground cracked under the unforgiving sun.

This is the lake in the apartments where my old mans mom lives but the water has been disappearing and the lakes drying up:
dried up lake

This is where it should be filled to:
What the lake should look like.

happy b day to me........3

Well at first I didn’t know if the people I invited could come but they did get out of the hospital right at the time we had started to give up and cook dinner. We had fun trying to watch Alice in wonderland but that ended up getting turned off and I got to watch my drunk friends try to play darts. Lets just say the wall now has holes in it. Even though I was not drunk my aim was off and I do have to admit I hit the wall a few times. We also played some air hockey. My cake was what you might Call an odd mixture of items it was confetti cake and German chocolate icing 

water department again......

Back on march 24th I posted about my battle with the water department and today im here to tell you that the issue has yet to be resolved first they tore up just the concrete around the fire hydrant:water department again......
(and spelled locate wrong)

Now they have torn up the whole sidewalk and left it like this for over a week now. WHEN are they going to fix this! This is crazy.

water department again......

i want to be remebered....

Monday, April 18, 2011

happy b day to me........2

well i had this whole get together with friends planed and when i called to ask where to pick them up they were on the way to the hospital because they hurt their wrist. up until a moment ago i had heard from them. i still dont think they will come tonight but we are starting dinner cause im hungry!

here's to hoping the rest of the night goes better. next year im going to plan in advanced and invite at least 6 people so 2 will show up

happy b day to me

well its my birthday and alot happened before i even wooke up! swagbucks gave me 50 swag. by time i woke up i had 31 birthday wishes on facebook.
my internet service provider turned off my internet..... which i got turned back on.

uh....... i cant remember what else happened before i got up.

having a cook out with friends, Smirnoff, Alice in wonderland.

these are my status updates from facebook this morning:
I just don't leave the house much. I always mean to go do something.... And then I forget. Hahahahaha wow I'm boring @ 23. I didn't think that was supposed to happen till 40's. Hey at least in 2 years I gets a car insurance discount. Not sure how much cheaper it can get then the $44 it is now.

To be 23? Doesn't feel much different than 22 or 18. Birthdays have kind have lost their meaning except I've lived another year and learned new things. Having a cook out tonight with Smirnof watching Alice in wonderland. Thanks for all the birthday wishes it affected me in a way I knew not that it could. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I need the ahh bra

Ok so I have been needing a new bra for sometime but in my size its hard to find something that will fit and I finally found something that i think would be good for me que in the ahh bra:

The issue? well its not in the budget....The ones I am using now are 56DDD I need a 56H you see my issue? each month I find myself sewing them back together due to various rips and tears till the straps give out and I have to toss it.  I was thinking about starting a donation page. what do you think?

this is horrible...death by facebook

Im appalled by this woman  ! Why would anyone use the excuses that she used!

easter basket for kids

At work they are having a contest for easter baskets for kids at our local dream center which is a place where underprivileged children go and are provided with things they may need and a place to go during the summer and after school.
My teams basket started as a spider man and then evolved into super hero's. here is the finished basket.:

easter basket for kidseaster basket for kidseaster basket for kids

This is our biggest competition:
easter basket for kids

atari 2600 issue part 4 the end

after the cord was hot a roaring to go we plugged it into the atari and something smelled burned. turns out it was the capacitor .

RIP atari 2600

atari 2600 issue part 3

Ok so the cord got hot.

now what ? ???


The problem solved

Monday, April 11, 2011

atari 2600 issue part 2

Ok so we solved the connection to tv power but we are still not getting anything. So now we think it’s the power supply and so while googling for a replacement I found
How to Fix an Atari 2600: From Top to Bottom Which gave me a free way to test the power cord.
First, plug in the AC Adapter in for a few hours. If the adapter gets warm, then its converting AC to DC. If its still cold, then the adapter is broke.

so off we go to plug it in to see if it gets warm!

the issue cont....

atari 2600 issue part 1

ok so i was faced with an issue today while looking at an atari with my old man.
that issue? how to connect it to my tv... haha so i called around and everyone told me they dont carry it so i started to look  online and found what i was looking for thanks to this post: How to Connect Your Old Videogame Syste which i didnt read fully but i started to look on ebay and i found

which is $3.40 plus it would take forever to get here.....
then i looked again at the page and read this:
"Coaxial is by far the easiest way to connect your old game system, and the method most people will use. This is the 'cable ready' input that is found on every TV made today (and for some time now). If you don't at least have this connection, you have our sympathy. There are several methods you can use for this connection.
The best way is to get a Coaxial to RCA adapter (left). It is cheaper, smaller, and provides a better signal than the traditional TV/Game switchbox. This is a small plug that will cost you about $3 at Radio Shack. It is called a "Gold-Plated Phono-to-F Adapter" and the Radio Shack part number is 278-276. Just connect it to the RCA cable of the game system, then plug the other end into the coaxial ("cable") jack on the TV. Set the TV to the channel that the game system is set to (usually 2-4), and your're ready."
so we called radio shack for the 3rd time after they told me 2 times they didnt have what i was looking for but i had been calling it the wrong thing. I provided them with the part number and they said the item was 3.99 but I could go pick it up now. so we called the owner of the Atari who said to go ahead and get the adapter so here we go to test..

The issue continues....

Friday, April 8, 2011

child support? whats that fore....

I was in the bathroom today at work and I over heard something that inraged me! This girl was in the bathroom talking about how her friend got a $1500 child support payment and wants to take her to the bar to get her waisted and I was so tempted to say something like
a. She must not know what that is for.
b. She must not care about her kids.

Just the things people do now drives me crazy!

Have you seen me? My story of idenity theft

I am a victim of identity theft and its not your usual horror story. Mine is a little different than the norm.

It all started in the year of 2006 when I turned 18 and graduated high school. I was working at taco bell and struggling to survive. If I did not work I did not eat because my family couldn’t manage money and I had to pay for everything I needed for school. I got a job because I was sick of being defenseless when it came to my life, at least when I worked I could feed myself and not go hungry.

I didn’t know if but my mom had decided she was going to “help” me as she called it later. She put in for a credit card with a company I can no longer remember their name. she ran that credit card up and I never knew about it. When I moved out she told them the number to my job and they called every day 3 times a day to the point they almost got me fired. I was soft hearted and didn’t want to see her go back to prison when she had just gotten out around my junior year in high school for fraud. So I paid that damn thing off so she wouldn’t go to jail, But the calling didn’t stop. I had started auto pay with them and they automatically took around 60 a check but they still called everyday and I still cant fathom why when they were getting paid. So finally my boss told them I didn’t work there anymore, then they stopped calling. What she said would have been true if it didn’t stop. As you probably know fast food places don’t like their employees getting calls there.

Well she died on april 6th 2007(my fathers birthday) and that’s when I found out the nightmares had not ended. I got a letter from capital one, well not really a letter more like a bill. I knew then the issue at hand was worse than I had thought. They wanted a large amount of money that I didnt have. a sum of something over $600 which if I didnt pay anything I would be able to pay it but I knew that I shouldnt have to pay that so I contacted them and told them i never signed up for the card. They sent me paper work to fill out to do a fraud report and so I filled it out and mailed it in. About a month later I got a letter that I dreaded, the one telling me I had to pay the amount.

I blew it off at the time because I was 19 I didnt know about what could happen I knew I didnt qualify for legal aid so I didnt apply and now its come back to rear its ugly head. They took me to court without letting me know about court. They sent the letter telling me to apear to the address before where she would have lived when she applied for the credit card and then once they got a judgement they then sent a letter to my house, proving i feel that they knew exactly where I lived the whole time. Any ways there is other issues with the case such as being filled in the wrong court and serveral other things I dont really feel like going into as i dont quite understand myself.

So now they send this letter basically saying they are going to garnish me. I know that they can take up to 25% and I wont be able to pay my bills then do i devised a master plan. Thanks to the words of a manager I once had i knew i could take a loan from my 401k, so off to the site for fidelity I went. I just got the email that the loan has been approved so If I cant get the case overturned then I am going to pay it off all at once because to pay  back the loan it is only $39 a check compaired to like $200 or something probably more because if you want to add the 2 checks together that makes half my income and thats around $800 if they count after tax and after my bills I dont have that cash to spare!!! so wish me luck my friends in the journey to correct my name as this isnt the end of the battle but the begining of a war that i must face to get myself on track so that I can choose to ruin my own damn credit!
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