Friday, April 8, 2011

Have you seen me? My story of idenity theft

I am a victim of identity theft and its not your usual horror story. Mine is a little different than the norm.

It all started in the year of 2006 when I turned 18 and graduated high school. I was working at taco bell and struggling to survive. If I did not work I did not eat because my family couldn’t manage money and I had to pay for everything I needed for school. I got a job because I was sick of being defenseless when it came to my life, at least when I worked I could feed myself and not go hungry.

I didn’t know if but my mom had decided she was going to “help” me as she called it later. She put in for a credit card with a company I can no longer remember their name. she ran that credit card up and I never knew about it. When I moved out she told them the number to my job and they called every day 3 times a day to the point they almost got me fired. I was soft hearted and didn’t want to see her go back to prison when she had just gotten out around my junior year in high school for fraud. So I paid that damn thing off so she wouldn’t go to jail, But the calling didn’t stop. I had started auto pay with them and they automatically took around 60 a check but they still called everyday and I still cant fathom why when they were getting paid. So finally my boss told them I didn’t work there anymore, then they stopped calling. What she said would have been true if it didn’t stop. As you probably know fast food places don’t like their employees getting calls there.

Well she died on april 6th 2007(my fathers birthday) and that’s when I found out the nightmares had not ended. I got a letter from capital one, well not really a letter more like a bill. I knew then the issue at hand was worse than I had thought. They wanted a large amount of money that I didnt have. a sum of something over $600 which if I didnt pay anything I would be able to pay it but I knew that I shouldnt have to pay that so I contacted them and told them i never signed up for the card. They sent me paper work to fill out to do a fraud report and so I filled it out and mailed it in. About a month later I got a letter that I dreaded, the one telling me I had to pay the amount.

I blew it off at the time because I was 19 I didnt know about what could happen I knew I didnt qualify for legal aid so I didnt apply and now its come back to rear its ugly head. They took me to court without letting me know about court. They sent the letter telling me to apear to the address before where she would have lived when she applied for the credit card and then once they got a judgement they then sent a letter to my house, proving i feel that they knew exactly where I lived the whole time. Any ways there is other issues with the case such as being filled in the wrong court and serveral other things I dont really feel like going into as i dont quite understand myself.

So now they send this letter basically saying they are going to garnish me. I know that they can take up to 25% and I wont be able to pay my bills then do i devised a master plan. Thanks to the words of a manager I once had i knew i could take a loan from my 401k, so off to the site for fidelity I went. I just got the email that the loan has been approved so If I cant get the case overturned then I am going to pay it off all at once because to pay  back the loan it is only $39 a check compaired to like $200 or something probably more because if you want to add the 2 checks together that makes half my income and thats around $800 if they count after tax and after my bills I dont have that cash to spare!!! so wish me luck my friends in the journey to correct my name as this isnt the end of the battle but the begining of a war that i must face to get myself on track so that I can choose to ruin my own damn credit!

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