Monday, April 11, 2011

atari 2600 issue part 1

ok so i was faced with an issue today while looking at an atari with my old man.
that issue? how to connect it to my tv... haha so i called around and everyone told me they dont carry it so i started to look  online and found what i was looking for thanks to this post: How to Connect Your Old Videogame Syste which i didnt read fully but i started to look on ebay and i found

which is $3.40 plus it would take forever to get here.....
then i looked again at the page and read this:
"Coaxial is by far the easiest way to connect your old game system, and the method most people will use. This is the 'cable ready' input that is found on every TV made today (and for some time now). If you don't at least have this connection, you have our sympathy. There are several methods you can use for this connection.
The best way is to get a Coaxial to RCA adapter (left). It is cheaper, smaller, and provides a better signal than the traditional TV/Game switchbox. This is a small plug that will cost you about $3 at Radio Shack. It is called a "Gold-Plated Phono-to-F Adapter" and the Radio Shack part number is 278-276. Just connect it to the RCA cable of the game system, then plug the other end into the coaxial ("cable") jack on the TV. Set the TV to the channel that the game system is set to (usually 2-4), and your're ready."
so we called radio shack for the 3rd time after they told me 2 times they didnt have what i was looking for but i had been calling it the wrong thing. I provided them with the part number and they said the item was 3.99 but I could go pick it up now. so we called the owner of the Atari who said to go ahead and get the adapter so here we go to test..

The issue continues....

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