Thursday, March 24, 2011

Water department

There was a crack in our street where the water was flowing under the concrete and coming back up  through a crack on the other side. My boyfriend called the water department to let them know because its been getting worse over the last month and they told him that they knew about it and weren't going to do anything about it. This after we were under a boil advisory for almost a week because river water over flowed into the drinking water and they waited 2 days before letting everyone know!

So after my old man told me what they said I called the news to report it. I was a little late in calling so they said they wouldn't be able to cover it till the next day I said sure thats fine. well the next morning guess who was out there? THE water department finally came to look at the damage to access what needed to be done.

They didnt actually fix it till today, but I think that is crazy that we had to go through all that to get them to fix it! My old man also told me that he called the mayors office or something but we never got a call back from the news so I think it was that.

They tore up the area and hopefully will put it right tomorrow.

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