Monday, April 18, 2011

happy b day to me

well its my birthday and alot happened before i even wooke up! swagbucks gave me 50 swag. by time i woke up i had 31 birthday wishes on facebook.
my internet service provider turned off my internet..... which i got turned back on.

uh....... i cant remember what else happened before i got up.

having a cook out with friends, Smirnoff, Alice in wonderland.

these are my status updates from facebook this morning:
I just don't leave the house much. I always mean to go do something.... And then I forget. Hahahahaha wow I'm boring @ 23. I didn't think that was supposed to happen till 40's. Hey at least in 2 years I gets a car insurance discount. Not sure how much cheaper it can get then the $44 it is now.

To be 23? Doesn't feel much different than 22 or 18. Birthdays have kind have lost their meaning except I've lived another year and learned new things. Having a cook out tonight with Smirnof watching Alice in wonderland. Thanks for all the birthday wishes it affected me in a way I knew not that it could. 

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