Friday, August 25, 2023

We baby bears series review


This show is something that has a nice art style and is super cute. The voice acting is good and not grating on the ears, Although as an adult the show quickly gets boring. Each episode in essence is the same story line but just a different path to the same ending. The art style and the music is what kept me watching because I wanted to see what would be done next. It shows quite a bit of inspiration of the Anime art style. Panda is my favorite I think its the eyes.

I feel like in the end this show would be enjoyed more by younger children it does have some things that I feel may be for older audiences.


I recommend that if you are an adult to skip this one and go with we Bare bears which has the same characters with a different story line and as adult bears. We Bare Bears came first and We Baby bears came after the popularity of the original. While myself have not see the original I have it on my to watch list and have been recommended it by many fans when I talked with them about this series.

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