Saturday, August 19, 2023

Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar


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I watched this show when it first came out many many years ago. I loved what I saw and need to go back and start from episode 1 and watch through to the end; I previously watched on live TV and did not get to see it all. 

I found myself really feeling for Nathan and wanting the simple life after so much time in the spotlight. He ends up overwhelmed and in the hospital when trying to tour with the band and rushing to make a new album. When his proposal of marriage was declined I felt so bad for him.

I did however crack up laughing when the band disrupted the service when everyone else was quiet and it was like someone in a place with noisy kids. I honestly would have been so awkward if I was in the middle of the same situation.

While the movie picks up where the show left off, you don't need to have seen everything in the catalog to understand the movie and enjoy it. I do feel like 2 of the characters (Toki/Skwisgaar) were pretty absent from the film and were there to just fill their spaces and be used for comedy only.

We see a whole new side to Nathan in this movie than ever shown in the show. I was confused at one point when he was in his head and then he said this is the wrong song but they still proceeded to play the song instead of stopping. The destruction and chaos that it causes are well-drawn and quite graphic.

I have to say when the whale comes up and eats the evil god I found myself cheering. I loved when they realized what the Army of the doomstar really was in the end. I feel that this movie will be loved by fans and is a satisfying ending to the series.


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