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Get Nostalgic With Cartoon Network Review Ed, Edd n Eddy/Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

These collections are something I never thought I would see on disc and be able to own. Thank you so much to Warner bros for providing a copy for review. These are 2 shows I grew up with on weekends with my dad. We didn't have cable up until about the time Ed, Edd n Eddy came out and I watched it as much as I could on the weekends.

I have enjoyed to be able to watch these shows from start to finish in the order they were intended vs the random episode I grew up on. While some things made more sense this way some others were the same. These shows weren't so reliant on watching them in order to understand what was happening. It was honestly a simple time in cartoons but I loved them and still do. Fosters came out when I was older, just in my early years of high school and my tastes had changed over time and I felt like this show still offered entertainment and a good story. I never grew out of cartoons but some things are classics and then sometimes i try to watch something I didn't watch as a kid and I quickly get bored with it.
For me these are like comfort shows because If I am having a bad day I can just sit and watch these and enjoy some nostalgia.

Ed, Edd n Eddy is like my generations cartoon version of the little rascals. The jawbreaker obsession always made me laugh and the antics they went through to get them. The missing adults led for even more hilarious adventures.  Can I just say Plank makes me laugh even though he doesn't do anything or at least we don't think he does and were made to believe its the characters imagination. Double d was always my favorite and he cracked me up with the devices he creates to help Eddy in his plans. Now that I think about it he makes me think of Drew Monson why that is I am not sure. The simplistic lines of the backgrounds I don't think would be as popular today as it was when the show was created. I think it is amazing that the characters make so many comments about people from Canada when the animation team is from Canada. The theme song is stuck in my head and I cant get it out. The earlier seasons are my favorite but things feel like they change after a point in season 4.

Each disc comes with a character on them and the case comes with a booklet and several special features. The down side is the series was ended in a movie not just episodes and that movie isn't included in this set so we don't truly get the ending here and means I will now have to track that down as I never saw it when it was on TV.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Art style was something I fell in love with immediately. From the backgrounds to the furniture. It separated it from other shows being released at the time. Eduardo was my favorite character as a child and still is. CoCo was my least favorite character and honestly I could do without. This show has life lessons hidden behind the stories which I didn't realize when watching in real time as the show was being released. Now as an adult I can see what I missed. Also jokes that went over my head then makes me cackle insanely now.

I didn't get to see as many episodes of this one growing up as I did with Ed, Edd n Eddy because it was about the time my dad passed and at my moms we didn't have cable. So this box set allowed me to finally follow the story and see it from beginning to end.

This set does include all the specials and and the TV movie unlike the Ed, Edd n Eddy set. The discs also include the characters on them in yellow. I do find the disc holder to be unusual in this set but maybe its something new they are trying but it did leave me confused. 

In the end I highly recommend both of these sets,

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  1. I used to watch these with my kids growing up. They loved fosters the most. Now they are 19, 16 and 11. They still love cartoons.


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