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The Time Traveler's Wife television show review


 Warning, the following Post includes spoilers. 

This post is a shortened version of the Video review that can be found above.

This recently just came out on DVD and it's the complete series, which will get back to that in a bit.I binged the whole first disc right away, and I don't know why I forgot there was the second disc for a minute there. Where I thought it ended I was very angry. And then a couple days later, I went to the TV to watch something and I realized there was a whole other disc in here. This TV show is featured around Claire and Henry and it's basically the story of how they met & how they fall in love. It's really interesting the way It happens because you see him bounce back and forth as different ages.  Henry gravitates to tragedies in his life and big events but his life definitely seems to center around Claire and he is like drawn to her like a magnet through her whole life. 

I really liked how they did it. Some of the storylines really made me cry, some made me laugh and Overall, I was really into the show. Sadly this show only got one season. I don't know why it was canceled, but HBO canceled it and so this one season is all we will ever get.

The show deals with some darker story matter towards the end. Claire wants to have a baby.
She gets pregnant and then the baby would just disappear. And I guess it happened about five times. And without her consent, he gets a vasectomy. And she is very angry because it's all she wants is children. It's hard on both sides, because he is trying to Protect her which is explained more in the book then they go into in the show.

The situation seems a little weird considering Henry didn't exhibit it until he was older, that they would give this to the babies before birth.  He is bouncing to the Future where he finds Claire. She is now older than he is. And she basically seduces him and tells him to come see her. Whenever he does end up the future and I can see it in her face that the whole reason she wants that is because she's still trying to achieve a pregnancy. And now her Current time husband can no longer give that to her she is trying something new. I think she's also thinking it will be different if it happens with the younger version of him. Which in my mind, I think is kind of where they were pointing to. I did read in the book that they do have a daughter so it's kind of in my belief as well. I think that is kind of what they were hinting at is that the younger him could do it, but the older him could not. I cant say, if that's, for sure, exactly what they were going to lead up to since the show was cancelled but it is what I think.
 I have since started reading the book because I want to know the rest of the story. And I really hate this being such a cliffhanger because it ends with her telling him to come to see her and then that's where it ends. 

There is little things in the show that I feel like conflict with the book but that is pretty normal with a tv show.  There was just so many things that you see in the show that could actually happen that it kept it grounded while having so many things that were impossible. I think helped me connect with the show, because it wasn't so like, outlandish, that everything was completely impossible. It was just these two people getting to know each other. In a weird order and falling in love. I really do wish that they continued the series.

I hope that if this does well enough that they might reconsider and continue or re-establish the show, or maybe even sell it off to another Studio. At least we have the book to go back to to be able to find out, maybe how it could have ended because there are a lot of differences between the book and the show. There was Several very important things that do happen differently such as the wedding.  So we can't guarantee that that really gives us the same ending, we would have went ended up with But at least it gives us something

 what were your thoughts on the show? I'm really hoping that if you haven't watched it. You didn't read this. 
I wish it had gotten at least a planned ending and then not just a abrupt ending that it got because it didn't deserve that. But I 100% do recommend this, let me know your thoughts your impressions and what you felt about the show and the topics that it covered. Did you like the way it covered them? Or did you feel it? Some of it might have been disrespectful. Awful. You know, let me know down below. Thanks for watching and I've got a few more reviews coming soon. 

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