Sunday, November 13, 2022

Where have I been?


Where I've been? 

The last few years have been crazy. And in more ways than one. 

We had the pandemic. Which changed all of our lives. In an instant from family members, we lost and friends to the way we live and participate in the world. And all that time, 

I had medical issues and various other problems. That I had to take time away to focus on. You saw me here and there. Occasionally. But not as consistent as years past. I'd like to say that is going to change very soon, but I can't say exactly when that will start. 

Since the beginning of 2022, my life has been one change after another. I Sold my house. Or my husband's house I should say, I quit my job. I spent a few months not working for the first time since I was 18. And in May we packed up all of our belongings and moved over 900 miles to the state of New York. We moved to the upstate part of New York in an effort to find a new life and seeking happiness. Things all didn't go to plan. But they're starting to turn around. 

We Came here with very little information about the place that would be renting. But after trying for weeks to find somewhere else, that would take us and our animals. Even paying months and months in advance extra deposits. No one would allow our animals. So, we arrived hoping That this landlord would not be a scam. 

The move here actually took us a from Monday afternoon till Friday morning before we made it here with the truck. There was a problem with our truck reservation. We're told we had it for seven days. Turns out the person only had changed it to three. Weird. Never would have worked. Thankfully Penske was wonderful in resolving in this and did not charge us a crazy absorbent amount For technically being late. 

We get here. The rental was not ready. We proceeded to have to stay many more days in a hotel. 
Once we had the address, we went to check it out. And we found a rundown home. 

That was not anything, like we were expecting. And for eleven hundred dollars a month. We never thought we would find something in that condition. We moved in because even while trying to wait on the landlord to move in, We couldn't find anywhere else to go. Even while being here, It was impossible to try to find from being in Indiana. Information just is not available widely online. 

So we stayed there, knowing that if everything worked out, it would be for a very short time. We've lived out a boxes. We never unpacked. We only took out what we needed. I started work at end of June, after a whole bunch of problems. With Crooked mechanics and the DMV. I think it's BMV here. 

So I started my job and It's been going. After starting my job, I found out that a lot of the things that we were told about buying a house in this area were lies or at least wrong. Because I had no gap of employment more than 6 months. I didn't even wait 2 full months Before starting the job applications.I would be able to start the process to purchase a home. 

Here, they require. A pre-approval letter. Before you can even begin looking at homes. Even if you have cash, they want a pre-approval letter. So we began our search and after a few weeks, I started really to feel Hopeless, because rates were climbing. Houses one after another were being snatched up before we could get them. We would make offers on homes. And be told that they had already been taken off the market and that they had updated it yet. 

I'm happy to announce. That we have officially moved into our own home in the state of New York. 
Now comes the long part. Of unpacking sorting. And decorating, and making it a home. 

So more content coming soon. 

Product reviews will be picking back up. A lot of things are needed for this home such as lights and other things. So, I'm going to be trying to test a lot of those things for you and let you know what I think. 

Thanks for sticking with me. Ruby. 

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