Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finger lickin lacquer Washed Out Collection

Finger lickin lacquer Washed Out Collection

Meet the Washed Out collection!

Six glorious faded neon jellies with delectable scents to send you back to summertime for the rest of the year.

Finger lickin lacquer Washed Out Collection
(Candy is included with all orders.)
August is here and the summer is drawing to a close, but you can enjoy a taste of summer for the rest of the year with the Washed Out collection - six gorgeous faded neon jellies with delightful tropical scents.

All of these polishes are named after songs by Syd Barrett, the former frontman for Pink Floyd. Why Syd Barrett songs? Syd's music was incredibly psychedelic, and the album covers featured brilliantly bright colors like these polishes.

Love You is a pink jelly with a strawberry daiquiri scent.
Long Gone is an orange jelly with a dreamsicle scent.
Golden Hair is a yellow jelly with a pina colada scent.
Terrapin is a greenish-yellow jelly with a margarita scent.
Here I Go is a blue jelly with a fruit punch scent.
Octopus is a purple jelly with a grape scent.

Any of these polishes can be purchased on August 15 for $8.50. All scents are optional.

Keep an eye on the Finger Lickin' Lacquer Facebook page for swatches and reviews, and on August 15 these can wing their way to you! 

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