Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sally Hansen ColorFoil

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Since the Color foil polish have been released I iffy on getting them but after seeing so many manicures with them I found myself falling in love with the look. I was excited to get 4 of these to review and 2 I got in a trade and couldn't wait to get these babies on my fingers!

My favorites from the set
Sally Hansen ColorFoil Cobalt chrome
Cobalt chrome

This color had some issues with dragging and you can see the ridges in my nail pretty well with this color but to me the blue is so beautiful I will make do by applying another coat of my base coat to fill in the ridges. This is 3 coats with no top coat.
Sally Hansen ColorFoil Titanium flush
This was one of the easiest to apply of the bunch other than purple alloy. There is some brush strokes but I think it looks cool and I really love this color, its like it has a burning light trying to get out. I had no issues when going over the same spot with dragging. 2 coats no topcoat.
Sally Hansen ColorFoil Purple alloy
Purple alloy

I thought this would be cute with a tiny penguin. I love purple alloy the color is amazing and the shine is mesmerizing. No dragging and brush strokes almost non existent.

Before I continue with the other swatches I wanted to share some information about the best way to apply the ColorFoil polishes. Shake them well before applying because it helps limit the streaky application that I had with a few of these colors (before I figured out the shaking trick.) When doing a coat on your nail try to get it done quickly and in one sweep if you can, if you can't try to avoid going over the middle when applying to the 2nd half of your nail.  If you do go over the middle it may drag and cause an imperfect application but I found that when I did it by mistake once it was all dry I just applied a coat over the middle to resolve the issue. Ridge filling base coat is going to be your best friend because a few of these will settle into your ridges if you don't.


Sally Hansen ColorFoil Leaden Lilac
Leaden Lilac is a mix between a blue and a purple. Limited brush strokes and easy application. I found myself in a love hate relationship with this color. No fault of its own I just kept flip flopping on my feelings on it. I love the color but personally for me its just too light. Great for doing designs over a black polish though so it will still find use with me.

Sally Hansen ColorFoil Purple alloy
This is an inside shot of purple alloy before the penguin.
Sally Hansen ColorFoil pink platinum.
This is the lighter pink of the collection pink platinum.

I had problems with the first 2 coats dragging and creating bald spots (you can see it pretty well on my ring finger) I used 5 coats without top coat. This also settled into ridges.
Sally Hansen ColorFoil Sterling silver

Sterling silver is such a classic color but to me is almost too much to be a whole mani, but possibly better suited as art over black or an accent nail. I had issues with bald spots on this as well on the first 2 coats but the 3rd one evened it out to the point you can't even tell I ran into any issues.
I find myself lusting after mint metal now after trying these other 6 and I almost picked up rose copper the other day at target and now I wish I had! Even with the settling into ridges and needing a few extra coats to cover balding I love these polishes and they are well worth the work.


  1. I won the purple one in the sally hansen party in a not a fan, At ALL. i hate the formulan streakyness and quick chipping.

    1. Congrats on the Party in a box win! I know some people had issues with these so it doesn't surprise me but I love them so much I bought a few backups.

  2. I am going to go get me a bottle of this as I think it looks so cool!

    1. Hope you find them! They are getting harder and harder to find. I am still missing 2 from the collection.


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