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Ellore Femme #MakeUp 24 Brush Kit #Review

I got the chance to review these as part of the US Family Guide. All thoughts are my own and not influenced by others.

I got this amazing set to tell you about today! I have up until now only owned 2-4 good brushes and the rest are lower end elf and Avon brushes. When I learned I was going to get this set for review I was excited! No more will I have brushes everywhere now they would be in a convenient roll for me to be able to carry along.

Before I get started Let me tell you about these brushes.
This information is from Ellore Femme site.
24 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case

Professional brush set for all your make-up needs 
High quality bristles: natural soft animal hairs from Persian, horse & synthetic fibers, helps create a natural and long-lasting look 
Suitable for both salon use, home make-up or as an on the go cosmetic kit 
Comes with a portable leather pouch, easy to collect and carry
Roll-up design, offers great protection 
A wide variety of brushes included for a wide variety of applications 
Superior powder holding capabilities

Brushes included:
1 × Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
1 × Large Powder Brush
1 × Powder & Blush Brush 
1 × Large Bevel Contour Brush
1 × Foundation Brush 
1 × Highlight Brush
1 × Large Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Eye shadow brush
1 × Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Nose Shadow Brush 
1 × Small Eye Shadow 
1 × Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow
1 × Small Eye Shadow 
1 × Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Concealer Brush
1 × Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
1 × Lip Brush 
1 × Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush 
1 × Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb
1 × Eyelash Brush
1 × Fine Eyeliner Brush 
1 × Black Imitation Leather Case

1 × 24 in 1 Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set
1 × Roll-up Leather Case

This amazing set goes for $149.99 

These brushes are amazingly soft a lot of brushes I have had in the past the bristles are a little too stiff but these feel like your petting a cat. The ones you need to be stiff are and the rest flow across your skin so smoothly and perfect for blending. I think the thing I love the most with these are they are a mixture of natural horse hair and synthetic while the ones I have had in the past were synthetic. The handle has a comfortable grip. I personally like to keep the covers on the brushes when they aren't in use. 

I love that now I won't have to worry about not having a brush that I need to do my makeup which I ran into so often. You ever find yourself with 10 eye shadow brushes and 1 eyeliner a blush brush and nothing else? Well I have and I had started to buy the others one at a time but then I run into where I put them up so I won't lose them and then I can't find where I put them. So now this set will stay in my makeup case where I will need it. I can't wait to do some crazy looks for you.

Ladies if you are looking for a set that will complete your collection and you can afford to splurge and buy them all at once I highly recommend this set. Also it would be a good thing to hint to your significant other that you want it for Valentines.

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