Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today's #nailpolish #haul

I went out a few places with the old man and you wouldn't believe what I got for under $20!!!! 

These are from the new Maybelline colorshow collection.
From left to right 
wine and forever
Punk rock pink
Rose rapture
Home sweet chrome
Emerald city
Frozen over.
parka perfect
Cashmere bathrobe
Maybelline lasting lilac
covergirl purple freeze and orange oasis
Sephora by opi just a little dangerous
Revlon  rain forest
Sephora by opi I don't bite
white china glaze crackle.
Do you own any of these colors?? Which is your favorite? Sorry if there is any random mistakes in this post. I am typing it from my new surface tablet and I am not used to the keyboard.

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