Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nail mail!

I got some new polish in from nail mail buddies. I have been playing but still haven't completed a full mani. 
The Essie giveaway ended with a bang and were contacting the winner today! So keep an eye out for the email you could be our winner!

This weekend we will be setting up our next nail polish bash giveaway! We also have a giveaway coming up on Instagram! We reached 500 followers so we will be doing an appreciation giveaway! 

We have a few awesome reviews coming out soon including nail polish strips and stamping plates! 

That's all for now everyone this is Rubyblood signing out! 


  1. I love the purple color in the first picture!

  2. the goulish ghoul one seems pretty neat. Where can I get that one at? Love all your nail polish pics Gorgeous

    1. It was released a few halloweens ago and runs about $18 on eBay but I found it from someone that had used it and decided not to keep it.


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