Friday, August 23, 2013

OMG Nail Polish Strips

I received the following product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

I got to review the Crossbones Nail Polish Strips from

Here's some info from the site. 

Arghhh you ready for this design, matey? A true treasure, they arghhh! “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!”
Each package of nail polish strips contains 14 pieces in different widths so they can be used on finger or toe nails. 
-14 real nail polish strips
-Zero Dry Time
-Will not smear or Smudge
-Quick and easy to apply

These were easy to apply and the part that took the longest for me was cutting it to fit my nails. 

The entire application took under 15 mins  and I loved how they look. These were my first nail strips that I used so I took my time on application. 

As much as I like traditional polish this was a nice change. I was able to get these cool designs without having to spend who knows how long by painting them by hand. 

They lasted a week before they chipped. At that time I was able to just peel them off but they left a sticky residue. I then removed 2 nails with polish remover and it was easy to remove and left no sticky residue. 

I have a few pieces left and plan on using them again in the future!

If you have been interested in trying polish strips I recommend

Find them:


  1. I like using nail strips for those days that I am "on the go" and don't have time to mess around with letting polish dry appropriately or worry about it chipping! These ones are fun!

  2. omg love those just got a sneak peak on their site and cannot choose only one thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Those are awesome!!!! I got to try the skulls, do they have them in other colors....hmmm gonna have to go to the site and check it out!

  4. I want these now. I will for sure look them up. Beautiful pics to and so cute. Thanks for the fabulous review on them

  5. Those look nice I may have to try them

  6. I love nail strips and use them on my toes all the time, though I have never tried the OMG Nail Strips. I definitely love the designs they have, though I am having trouble picking just one right now :) Thanks!

  7. I'm thinking my daughter would love these. I often wondered about the after effects and it sounds like they come off pretty easy.

  8. I love these! I would love them for Halloween! I think I need to go check out the website!!! Thank you~!~!~

  9. I'm thinking my daughter would love these. I often wondered about the after effects and it sounds like they come off pretty easy.

  10. I love those! As much as I like nail polish, nail strips are so easy!

  11. The design is absolutely awesome and it's incredible that it comes in strips!!

  12. Those are so cute! I love nail polish strips

  13. I WANT!! I WANT!! I WANT!!! Totally awesome!

  14. I love how easy these seem to be and the design is cute!

  15. I love nail polish strips. Great for people like me who don't have a steady enough hand to paint their nails perfectly.


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